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It is amazing how playing games and watching people play games online has become a huge industry in today’s world. We are not short in success stories of people who have found fame after joining the online gaming community. Aaron Ash is one of those people and a British gamer who is better known by his online alias name Yamimash. Ash is famous for playing games with the famous Markipiler.

Yamimash is a YouTube gamer who began uploading videos in 2009. He was immediately able to grab attention and was being followed by many. However, as all good things, it had to come to an abrupt end. In early 2016, Ash’s growing fame began to plummet and later just disappear. However, the gamer was able to bring some of the fame back in 2017 and is working hard to get his career right back on track. Let us now get to know more about this amazing gamer.

Aaron Ash: The Start

Aaron Ash was born on the 25th of August in 1991. The Brit began uploading videos in 2009 where he was playing God of War 3. After initial success, he started playing Call of Duty. Unlike most gaming videos, his video did not have commentaries and he was not particularly very fond of it. Later, after realizing the demand of commentaries in the industries, Aaron decided to give it a go and was talking and clicking with his many fans.

Aaron Ash: The Fame

Later in 2012, Yamimash decided to add more games to his channel and make things more interesting for his fans. It definitely was taking a turn for the good and he was getting more popular every single day. Despite increasing the number of games he used to play, Ash was still sticking to the same genre of horror with games like “Slender Man”, “Dream of the Blood”, “White Noise”, “Maze”, etc.

However, he was a smart gamer and knew he would have to broaden his horizon and get into other genres. So, Aaron began playing games like Minecraft and Pokémon. Aaron, for the most part, is a solo player but in recent years he began collaborating with other YouTube gamers. Some of the famous names Ash has worked together with are Terraria, Slendytubbies, Edge, etc.

Aaron has also worked with Shane for his videos. Shane is also a popular member in the community and is known by his alias name ‘AaroInTheKnee’. They also used to be roommates and have collaborated in games like ‘Minecraft’, ‘Legend of Zelda’. Later he was also seen with Markiplier where they played together for a series called “Slendytubbies”.

Aaron Ash: Controversies

Aaron reached the peak in his career at the end of 2015 when his channel had 1.3 million subscribers. His career took a downward spiral later and in 2016, another YouTuber with the name Keemstar posted a video on his channel. The video alleged that Aaron was sending pictures of his genitals to a 14-year old girl.

A majority of his fans did not believe the story and trusted in Yamimash’s integrity but the whole thing was a bit messy. Later on the 5th of January in 2016, he uploaded a video on YouTube explaining the issue. He was with his girlfriend Jessica where he admitted that he was having conversations with the 14-year old child. However, he denied all the sexual allegations that surrounded him. Aaron also made accusations on the kid for seeking attention to bring him down.

Aaron Ash: Personal Life and Social Media

As of 2018, the online gamer is in a relationship with Jessica who *surprise! surprise! is also a YouTuber. They have been together since 2013 and Aaron is 6 years older than his partner. Some people think that their relationship is not appropriate when you look at the difference in their age. However, they both are legally adults and are capable of making their own life choices. And we wish them all the luck in their life ahead.

Yami has been a famous name in the world of gaming and has been in the industry for almost a decade now. He has also established his presence on social media platforms like Twitter. He goes by the handle @Yamimash and has almost 10k followers on Twitter. Whereas, he is being followed by almost 1.4 million people on YouTube.

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