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Brian D. Evans is an American entrepreneur, marketing influencer, branding strategist and the CEO of Influencive and BDE Ventures. Brian also serves as an advisor for many aspiring startups and provides techniques and strategies for brand building. He aslo specializes in brand building and blockchain technology.

Evans has also been listed on some of the renowned lists by Forbes Magazine, INC 500. Besides that he also serves as a columnist and writer for magazines like Entrepreneur and INC. Let’s find out more about him in detail. Meanwhile, check this article on Brian Fichera.

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Brian D. Evans: Life, education and career

Brian D. Evans was born in the United States which makes his nationality an American. There is very little information available on his educational endeavors as much focus goes to his marketing career which is the show stealer. So let us begin with what Brian made of his career and how he got there.

Evans on his website of Influencive, he clearly stated that he originally wanted to beome a movie star for which he even did some auditions. Though his luck in acting career did not really favor, Evans eventually became a hit in the marketing and advvertising industry in America. He found the BDE Ventures which also became one of the fastest growing advertising and marketing companies in America. In an interview done with the Forbes Magazine, Evans spoke about marketing strategies and how his personal story of turning his company, Influencive one of the growing media empires. He said,

“When I started on this journey, it was a much different landscape. But the things I’ve learned and the relationships I’ve made have given me the ability to take projects like Influencive and make them into a seemingly overnight success. The methods to get there are all the same at the core.”

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Evans is America’s one of the best marketing strategist. Apart from that he also serves as a writer and a contributor in many of the reputed magazines and websites.

Brian D. Evans: Girlfriend and personal life

When it comes to the personal life of Evans, things are pretty personal and private. He does not really tell much about his personal life and especially relationships so many are confused about the possibility of a girlfiend in his life. So far, there are nu rumors or any such news that indicate the possibility of Brian’s girlfriend. So we will have to wait for Brian himself to confirm on the news.

Brian D. Evans: Net worth

Brian D. Evans is another name in the Forbes list of 15 Top Instagram Influencers You Should Follow. Not only that but he has also been featured on several magazines and websites. Evans is one of the leading media influencer today. Working as a founder of one of the fastest growing media market, Brian has it all. His salary and income are all  unavailable at present which is why we don’t know his net worth estimation.

Brian is active on social media sites like Instagram where he has around 105k followers online. You will get to see some motivational quotes and inspiration on his Instagram handle.

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