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Profession: actors Date of birth: Jun 02, 1971 Age: 47 Net worth: 3 Million Birth Place: Great Salt Lake, Utah Height (m): 1.65m Religion: Christianity Relationship Status: Married

Dave Kindig is a TV star famous for his show, “Bitching Rides”. Growing up, Kindig had a passion for Hot Wheels, drawing and legos and it is not surprising that he has now made a career out of it. He is immensely successful as the owner and the chief designer of the custom car shop ‘Kindig-It’. The shop is situated in Salt Lake, Utah, and has a 27,000 sq.ft workspace.

He with his whole team of skilled mechanics and designers redesign various cars. They start by sketching their ideas, then they carve the model in a paper and finally bring their idea into effect. His service is expensive and Dave realizes that it is not affordable for everyone. But still, because of his popularity status, he has costumers lining up for his input. Let us now get to know more about Dave.

Dave Kindig: Early Life, and Education

Dave Rick Kindig was born on the 6th of February, 1991 in Salt Lake, Utah. As it so happens with people with normal people before finding fame, not a lot is known about his early life. Although Dave in his teenage years is found to have a deep passion for cars, and creativity.

At 17, Dave fell in love with the classic Volkswagen Beetles. This creative individual then started working as a graphic designer and customization. There have also been reports about him working for 8 long years in the field of high-performance coatings company. Those companies worked with ceramic coating on the exhaust system to display the cars on auto shows.

Dave Kindig: Career

Dave constantly likes to joke about him having an engineering degree in Hot Wheels and Legos. He, however, is a self-made designer who never went to an art school. He hasn’t even attended college but got into this field because of his love for cars. Dave was very passionate about drawing and designing car models, so he would join lego pieces to design cars.

More recently, Dave has his own TV show, ‘Bitching Rides’, and it ranks among most-watched shows in the Velocity network. The show premiered in 2014 but well before that, he was a prominent name in the designing industry. This show has just added the flare to his work and provided him with the marketing power, and now the business is flourishing.

Kindig offers a very unique service and it is equally expensive. He, on average makes a six-figure sum to redesign one car and that is not something many can afford to do. He got into this field at the age of 29, hoping to showcase his creative talents and it is exactly what he has been able to do today. Interestingly, he never uses computers to create designs but sketches them in around 2 minutes. Currently, Dave has been able to extend his service to big names in the industry including Lotus, Lamborghini, Dodge and Harley Davidson.

Dave Kindig: Personal Life

Dave is married with his love Charity Kindig. The two have been together since 1992 and his wife is the co-founder of Kindig-it Design. They have embarked on a journey of auto restoration service in their fabrication shop.

The family grew in size when Charity gave birth to their first child Baylee and then a son Drew. In 2016, Dave’s daughter Baylee got engaged and Dave announced the news on Twitter.

Dave constantly mentions her wife as the best thing that has ever happened to him. He took his inspirations from Charity to follow his dreams to own a custom car shop. The duo has now celebrated 26 years of being together. They seem happy and perfect for each other and we wish them all the luck in the future.

Dave Kindig: Net Worth

Kindig is the owner of ‘Kindig-It Design’ and has been with the company for decades. His factory covers an area of 27,00 sq.ft and has personal, commercial and designing buildings. He makes most of his money from the modification of cars and bikes and his involvement with the TV show also has its perks. The show Bitchin’ Rides has been a massive hit throughout the years and keeps making money from sales of merchandise.

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As of 2018, his net worth is in the range of $3 million. He has been a hugely successful name in the industry but remains the same humble and loving person. Kindig is also active on social media and has in excess of 208,000 followers on Instagram.