Joss Fong Career, Husband, Net worth, Height, Social Media

Profession: journalist Date of birth: Oct 05, 1989 Age: 29 Net worth: 3 Million Birth Place: New York, NY Height (m): 1.64 Religion: Christianity Relationship Status: Single

Just like the great Ann Curry, Joss Fong has been working her ass off to be an outstanding American journalist, who has contributed a lot to the scene of American journalism and media.

The Asian descent girl was born on May 22, 1988, in New York, USA. She graduated from the New York University’s Science, Health and Environmental reporting program. Until Joss’ graduation, she interned as an energy editor at the Media Matters of America. Currently, is working as a senior Editorial Producer at Vox.

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Joss Fong: Husband and Relationship

Talking about this beautiful journalist, the only thing that crosses our mind is if she is dating or if she is seeing anyone. Just to keep an end to your curiosity, we are going to break down the relationship status of Joss Fong.

On Joss’ Twitter, we can see two children with whom she’s seen really close with. Surprisingly, they have a striking resemblance with the journalist but it has been confirmed that they do not belong to her. Then why the resemblance? one may wonder. This is because the kids belong to her sister. She seems to be pretty close to her sister’s children which means that she makes a good aunt and probably would make a good mother in the future.

Her past relationship status hasn’t been discovered yet also her current status is single. Despite Joss’ success as a journalist, she still has a long way to go if she wants to make it as a top journalist. However, Fong seems to be ready to give everything she has to reach to the top, maybe that’s why she is not focusing on her relationships at the moment.

Joss Fong: Career

After graduating from New York University, Joss worked for Media Matters for America, where she served as an energy editor. Next, she continues her career in journalism by joining Vox, a news and opinion website, begun in 2014, where she was given the post of the editorial producer. Some of her websites include “Why the aren’t any great white sharks in captivity?”, “Why the rise of robots won’t mean the end of work?” and “How smart is today’s article intelligence?”

Joss Fong: Net Worth

How rich is Fong? According to the source of mid-2018, her net worth is to be over $3 million approx. Which is not a surprise as she earned most of it through her success as a journalist. Joss has been a part of Vox for many years now and still is continuing her work there. Looking at the work she’s been doing throughout the years, Joss’ income is expected to grow substantially in the next coming years.

Joss Fong

Caption: Joss Fong working on her own MacBook Pro 2018

Joss Fong: Height

Joss Fong who graduated from New York University has the height of 164cm (1.64m) and weighs about 60Kg. The 30-year-old Fong has a perfect body measurement, chest size being 33 inches, Waist size is 27 inches and Hips being 30 inches.

Joss Fong: Social Media

Like many of us, Joss is also very active on social media through websites such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. She seems to be mainly focused on science journalism and promotes some of her work-related content through her pages. Fong promotes one of her recent projects entitled ‘Explained’, which aims to explain more about numerous aspects of today’s society. She even promotes other science and statistical news and also posts some of her daily thoughts and endeavors.

She usually posts pictures of her cat, Karl on Instagram. Also some random posts including attending hockey events, traveling and regarding her work. Her videos are available online and viewable through the Vox YouTube channel and often featured in videos as the narrator of the content. Joss herself has her own personal YouTube channel entitled Joss Fong through which it has posted only one video in 2014 and is a science-related video.