Levy Tran net worth, boyfriend, career, personal life and biography

Levy Tran is an American actress most famously known for her roles in movies like Shameless, Furious 7 and  Gemini. She has also done other movies through her career as an actress which gave her a lot of popularity especially among the youth audiences.

Levy, age 35, is also a big tattoo fan. She herself has been inked several times. Let’s find out about Levy Tran’s net worth, career, personal life and more.

Just wrapped a Netflix show… 😊 and I’m baaaackkkkkk!!!!

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Levy Tran early life, career and nationality

Levy Tran was born on  8th April 1983 in San Jose, California, the United States which makes her nationality an American. She was born to parents who originally were from Vietnam and migrated to the United States as Immigrants. Initially, Levy started her career as a Kindergarten teacher in addition to a teacher in Mortuary College. Later she shifted career towards modeling by starting to model for top-notch brands like Bizarre, Inked & Tattoo Life. Her modeling career quickly took a turn and she began to star in movies.

She also popularly made a guest appearance in MTV2 series “Guy: The code” in 2012. After which she made her first big debut on screen with Furious 7 in the year 2015. The movie was a hit and undoubtedly Levy received exposure in the industry. She is set to do more movie projects in the upcoming future post the success of Furious 7. Tran is also recognized for her role as Vy in the television series Gun Girl and Shameless.

Levy Tran boyfriend and personal relationship

Tran is in her mid-30s as of now which means that its time for her to think about settling down but the case is quite different with her. Tran is reportedly single and not dating anyone as of now. Previously she was linked to the Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds however none of them confirmed of the affair. Meanwhile, Tran keeps her dating life pretty private. After analyzing her social media profiles, we can tell that the actress is single and the potential boyfriend is not present in her life for the current situation.

Levy Tran net worth

The beautiful American actress of Vietnamese descent is surely making her way in the Hollywood with her acting abilities and a different sense of performance. The badass female star is already winning so many hearts with a diversity in her performance on screen. She is also equally famous for her iconic tattoos which are all different and beautiful.

Tran is also active on social media sites like Instagram. She currently has around 230k followers on her Instagram account. Most of her fans follow her on Instagram. Tran is also active on Twitter but she  is more popular with her Instagram posts and followers. 

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My dreams are intense… So is my hunger

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