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Profession: Models / fashionista Date of birth: Age: Net worth: 1 Hundred Thousand Birth Place: Height (m): N/A Religion: Christianity Relationship Status: Married

Miquela Sousa, better known as Lil Miquela behaves as a typical Instagram fashion model or influencer. Miquela posts a lot of selfies attends some of the hottest parties and events in her city. She promotes designer clothes and like many strives to create the illusion of a perfect lifestyle and she belongs in the list of 17 Fashion Influencers of 2018 alongside Sadie Sink.

There is just one thing that makes her special and distinguishes from other models- she is not a real person. Find out more about Lil Miquela below.


Caption: Lil Miquela: The Hyper-Realistic Digital Human

Lil Miquela: Early Life, Education, and Career

Miquala is a fictional character created by Trevor McFedries and Sara Decau as a digital art project. Miquela set up her Instagram account in 2016 but already she has over 1 million followers. Her followers or fans call themselves “Miquelites”. These people often like, comment and share her every post.

The digital art character is beautiful with great makeup skills and a sense of style. Lil Miquela acts like a human in every manner possible in her Instagram account. She regularly posts new content and engages with her fans in the comment section and swaps makeup tips.

lil miquela the cut

Caption: The CGI model Miquela

The mystery factor became key to helping the art project to reach its height. Many photos of her look like a CGI art but in others, she looks almost lifelike, and people found it fascinating. Miquela just in few months of her Instagram debut was the taking point in Instagram. Even news outlets on the internet covered her and her work.

There are theories about Miquela being a combination of a 3D Model and a real person. This though still remains a mystery. So, it is the mystery that the people seem to enjoy about it all.

Lil Miquela: Personal Life

Lil Miquela’s career began with as a controversy. It was regarding whether or not she is a real person, a virtual simulation or a fictional character. She is not a real person though. But has gained popularity by entering into a transmedia fictional narrative that spans real life, social media, and the internet.

Miquela, according to her feed lives in California. It is where she portrays a lifestyle of Instagram it-girl. Lil Miquela goes on to party at famous clubs of LA, attends trendy art gallery openings and posts selfies. She references specific and physical locations and posts pictures with actual models and designers.

Miquela is very active and famous on Social Media and is doing well on Facebook and Twitter too.

Lil Miquela: Net Worth

Lil Miquela or her creators are on a constant rise. Miquela is not only a CGI model but also a popular user on Instagram. She has landed herself with paid promotion campaigns and even kickstarted her singing career. Her first single is called Not Mine and can be found on YouTube. She started her singing career in 2017.

lil miquela cnn

Caption: A photo from Miquela’s Instagram page

One thing is for sure, she or her creators to be precise seem to know what they are doing. Miquela’s unusual appearance has been connected to the robotics concept of the uncanny valley. Meaning, she comes really close to appearing human but not close enough.