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Shawn Killinger is an American TV personality who has worked as a TV anchor, reporter, and newscaster. She is currently working as a national program host for QVC, the e-commerce, and TV shopping giant. Killinger has been working for the show since 2007 and has been presenting numerous products throughout.

The journalist working for the QVC is of extreme talent and enthusiasm. She has been known to manage 3 to 4 hours of shooting without using a teleprompter. Shawn works for the same broadcaster in CBS with Amanda Balionis. Let us now get to learn more about the host.

Caption: Shawn Killinger on QVC

Shawn Killinger: Early Life, Education, and Career

Shawn Killinger was born on November 2, 1979. She was born with the name Shawn Elizabeth Killinger in Detroit, United States. Killinger is ethnically white with American nationality.

Shawn spent her early years in Detroit but at the age of 11, she moved to Mexico with her family and lived there for 4 years. Shawn’s education has ranged from her studying in Mexico at the International American School Foundation to obtaining a marketing degree from Pennsylvania State University. Her career now has a perfect blend of two of her passions, broadcast journalism, and marketing.


Caption: Shawn Killinger on a photoshoot

Shawn moved back to New York searching for career lucrativeness. She previously was working in minor jobs but her hard work was rewarding. Killinger cracked a pot of gold with a job at CBS where she worked as an evening news show host and newsreader. This is not known to many but Shawn even worked as a seating audience for “The David Letterman Show”. She then went on to work for Quality, Value and Convenience (QVC) for CBS which went on to help her reach the current glory.

Shawn Killinger: Personal Life

Shawn has been married for over 5 years with her husband Joe Carretta and fortunately, there have been no rumors of divorce or affairs. Joe is a well-known businessman and an entrepreneur. Shawn and her husband have been living a happy married life and they both live together in California. The couple recently adopted a baby and Shawn also takes care of Joe’s children from his previous marriage.

joe and shawnCaption: Joe and Shawn with their recently adopted baby

Shawn previously has gone through a cancer treatment which had engulfed around her kidney. But Shawn, as you can see from her character, is a brave and a courageous woman and has kept aside that part of her life.

Shawn Killinger: Net Worth

Not a lot is known about the 33-year-old’s net worth. She has also been keeping her personal details secret rather too well. However, QVC, the network she works for is worth a massive $20 billion it is safe to say her employers are paying her quite well. Her salary is believed to be around $500,000 annually so she must be worth millions.

Shawn is still in her prime with a lot to offer to the world with her talent and skills. She is also present on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook with a decent number of fan-following. Her Instagram account has a big fan base with over 59000 followers. Killinger is loved by many for her personality, bravery, and audacity and we wish her all the luck in the future.

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