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Simon Halls is the famous American publicist who came into the limelight for his relationship with the actor Matt Bomer. Halls has been active in the industry and has received special mentions in movies like ‘Hollidaysburg’ and ‘Hostel'(and its sequel). Simon does not have the most noticeable jobs but he does represent actors like Neil Partick Harris, Jude Law, and the director Ryan Murphy.

He throughout the years has been one of the more powerful publicists in America but is famous for his controversial relationship with the actor Matt Bommer. They got married in 2011 and have 3 children including twins. Let us now get to know more about this publicist.

simon halls

Caption: Halls on a photo shoot for an event.

Simon Halls: Early Life and Education

Simon Halls was born on the 12th of January in 1964. The Canadian in his schooling years had been dating few girls. Then he hadn’t even realized his sexuality. He was then finally able to accept the truth and so he did embrace his orientation. After officially coming out as a gay man he felt relieved and according to him was the ‘best decision that I ever made.’

matt and simon on an award show

Caption: The beautiful couple attending an award show.

Later Halls moved to the United States after graduating from high school. He then got enrolled to a University of South California and there he was networking and strengthening his contacts in the industry. Halls had been a smart individual from his early years and he saw this opportunity to pursue a career in PR.

Simon Halls: Career

Halls began his career in Public Relations by working for Warner Bros. This was a perfect platform for him and gave him an opportunity to know more people. This was the start for him to get to his dream of opening his own PR firm. But things do not always work out and he had to move back to Russia. However, he did get to represent Russia’s first McDonald’s.

Simon got back to the States after having served for 2 straight years in the franchise. During his time in his homeland, he was able to gain experience and a good amount of money. He then joined ‘BWR Public Relations’ in the early 90s. It is a very well-known company that represents names like ‘Sarah Jessica Parker’ & ‘Jude Law’.

Halls by that time had gained enough knowledge to start his own firm which was his lifelong dream. So Simon along with two other members laid the foundation for a firm called ‘Huvane Baum Halls’. With the company, he was enjoying a massive surge in his income. However, he later decided to sell the company after being involved with it for just over 6 years.

matt bomer and simon halls

Caption: Simon Halls with his partner and client Matt Bomer.

After selling his company to PMK in 2001 he began working independently for a while. His solo career was off to an amazing start as he was getting to represent famous names in Hollywood like Matt Bomer, Neil Patrick Harris, Ridley Scott, Ang Lee, etc. Now, Simon Halls, according to ‘Business Insider’, is the best publicist in Hollywood.

Simon Halls: Personal Life

Looking at the personal aspects of Halls’ life, he is a gay man. He previously was in a long-term relationship with the actor Matt Bomer. He is not someone who enjoys sharing his personal affairs to social media and his relationship with the famous Matt Bomer was kept in the dark for the most part. However, they did make their relationship official later as they got married in 2011.

matt and simon

Caption: Halls and Bomer with their children.

Matt and Simon are leading a happy life together with their children Walker and Henry. You might also remember them taking the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge together. The video went viral on social media platforms.

Simon Halls: Net Worth

Simon Halls has been a renowned figure as a publicist. He has been able to start his own firm ‘Huvane Baum Halls’ and there he served as a co-CEO. He has been working for several decades in the industry and this has paid him well. His net worth as per 2018, is estimated to be in a range of $2.5 million. Whereas his husband makes just over $9 million. The two seem to be enjoying a luxurious life together and we wish them all the best.


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