Steve Damstra net worth, wife, career, personal life and biography

Steve Damstra is an American film score composer and songwriter associated with the band named Whirlwind Heat. Apart from that, he is also known for composing music scores for movies and television. Some of his famous works include movies like The Learning Curve and Teenage Cocktail. 

Damstra is also a bassist in the band Whirlwind heat. At present, he lives in California along with his wife Paget Brewster who is an American actress.

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Steve Damstra early life, career and nationality

Steve Damstra was born on September 21, 1981, in the United States of America which makes his nationality an American. There is not much information available about Damstra’s life before he started his career. He himself hasn’t spoken about his family or life before getting famous. Steve Damstra rose to limelight after his career and marriage with his celebrity wife.

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Damstra joined the band Whirlwind Heat in the year 1996, this is when he began his musical career. Since joining the band, Damstra started playing along with the band. The band was based in Great Rapids, Michigan. Damstra’s band was noticed by Jack White who saw them play at a show, this is how he first landed a movie to work on. Later Steve composed music for the movie Excision that released in the year 2012. Furthermore, he has received credits for many popular movies like David Sedaris’s The Learning Curve (2013) Teenage Cocktail 2016, 24X36: A Movie About Movie Posters (2016), e.t.c.

Steve Damstra wife, marriage, and personal life

Steve Damstra caught media attention simply because he married the popular American actress, Paget Brewster. Brewster is a familiar name to the fans of Criminal Minds, where she played the role of Emily Prentiss. She also appeared in the recurring episodes of the blockbuster series, Friends where she played the role of Kathy. Paget has also appeared in many other popular TV series.


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Damstra and Brewster dated for a long time until finally getting engaged on 17th March of the year 2013. Later they married one another at Los Angeles in California in the year 2014. Their marriage was officiated by the Criminal Minds actor and the couple’s best friend, Matthew Gray Gubler, in a private ceremony at LA. They have been happily married ever since however, they haven’t had any children yet.

Steve Damstra net worth

Steve Damstra is the composer of some of most amazing songs and music for various movies and televison series. His work is recognized in Hollywood and the TV industry. But thanks to his private life kept private, we do not have a solid figure of what he owns in total. However, his wife, Paget Brewster has a total net worth estimation of $3 million.


Damstra is active on social media profiles like Twitter where he tweets regularly. Other than that, he also owns an Instagram account where he is quite active.

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