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Profession: miscellaneous, Youtubers Date of birth: Aug 04, 1988 Age: 30 Net worth: 2 Hundred Thousand Birth Place: Height (m): N/A Religion: Christianity Relationship Status: Married

The Internet is a weird place full of different people and if you are new to this world, you should definitely start off by looking about Uma Kompton. Ever since it began, the internet has been changing lives and building careers for some of the most unlikely characters. We have seen the effect of the internet in its full glory when it introduced us people like Justin Bieber and the Kardashians. It also is a place where “less than stellar” people turn into viral sensations and it is exactly where Kompton features.

Uma Kompton became one of the more famous internet trolls on Twitter but sadly her account was shut down by Twitter. However, Uma is not the name behind this infamous internet troll and is just an alias for Natalya Ulyanina. Let us now find out more about this internet personality.


Caption: Natalya Ulyanina

Uma Kompton: The Woman

If you are wondering about Komptons existence and credibility- the easy answer is that she is not a real person. The person everyone identifies as Uma is actually Natalya Ulyanina. As per our understanding, Natalya had her photos stolen from a Russian social networking site, VK. After the photos were stolen her images were used by a ‘troll’ to create fake accounts and then post offensive contents on Twitter. In a short span of time, this account managed to create a cult following and amassed over 50k followers.

Uma Kompton: The Myth

kylie uma

Caption: The Uma Kompton account with its post on Twitter about her similarity with Kylie Jenner.

The ‘Uma Kompton’ account was making headlines and most of her contents were offensive and funny to a certain group. Most of her posts were sarcastic and revolved around sex, vulgarity, and profanity. According to the account, Uma was in a relationship with her cousin. She also made waves for comparing her looks to Kylie Jenner which surprisingly offended many people. The account did polarize opinions of volatile topics. There were posts on the existence of a higher figure or even abortions which many people are sensitive about. There just was no topic off limits for Uma who constantly trolled United Airlines. Later due to several controversial posts, Twitter had to remove her account.

Uma Kompton: The Legend

One of the more surprising things to come out of this was the number of fans Uma had. After her downfall from Twitter, people were creating pages in tribute to her. There were over 50k followers on her Twitter page who constantly followed every new post by the troll account. Random people were creating fake accounts based on Uma’s principles. That did enable trolls to continue scouring the internet in search of more victims like┬áNatalya Ulyanina. Kompton during her time with the fame managed to release songs and albums which was a way for her to diss her critics.

Uma Kompton: The Victim

For some internet trolls, the Uma Kompton incident was just a fun little joke but for Natalya, it was something very different. Natalya had her pictures stolen to create this troll account and was a real victim. What people using the internet do not realize is that while many have their laugh, someone is always a victim of troll stories like these. To begin with, Natalya and her family were clueless about this incident because of Russia’s social media policies. But soon after it went viral in the States and a sensation worldwide.

twitter uma

Caption: A perfect depiction of how social media, when used wrongly can harm someone’s life.

Natalya and her husband were both honest hard working individuals who work for a stretch ceiling company in Moscow. Natalya’s husband voiced his opinions on the Uma account and had it removed after stating his thoughts about the matter with Twitter. Her husband, Evgeny has expressed his gratitude towards Twitter for shutting the account down. It is quite understandable for the family members to be upset about this whole issue; they had their family members photos stolen to create a troll account. It is something we all would be sensitive about.

What happened to Natalya with the Uma account serves as a reminder for the whole world. Having seen what happened to Katelyn Nicole Davis, it is evident that the internet can be a dark place and we have to be careful about the way we post and store our personal information on the internet.