Chief Keef Net Worth, Personal Life, Career, Girlfriend, Music, Biography

Profession: Singers/Bands
Date of birth: Aug 15, 1995
Age: 26
Net worth: 1 Million
Birth Place: Chicago, IL
Height (m): 1.83m
Religion: Christianity
Relationship Status: Married

Keith Kozart or Chief Keef as his fans often call him is an American rapper, a mixtape artist and a record producer. Keef gained fame when he was in his teenage years, at his high school. This rapper at his early years was known to be extremely troublesome and always invited problems with other kids. However, he did possess that musical talent that helped him grow and become a young sensation among rap artists and record labels. Chief Keef was signed by a record label company while he was only a teenager.

Keith’s first deal was with the ‘Interscope records’ and soon after joining, he switched to ‘1017 Brick Squad’. Later, the rapper started his own label by the name ‘Glory Boyz Entertainment’, changing the name again to ‘Glo Gang’ Let us now get to know more about this young musician.

Chief Keef: Early Life, Education

Keith Kozart was born in Chicago on 15th August 1995. He grew up in a financially unstable family; he was conceived when his mom was only 16 so there isn’t any information available regarding his father. Later, his grandmother became his legal guardian and he got his name from his deceased uncle.

Chief spent most part of his early life in a black neighborhood in South Chicago. The city influenced him to start rapping from an early age of 5. When he was in school, he had already made a name for himself and had a decent fan following. To create music, Keef used his mother’s Karaoke machine and borrowed blank tapes from friends and neighbors.

Keef was a smart kid, who was good at his studies, having constantly scored good marks. He attended Dulles Elementary School and then later went on to attend a therapeutic day school and Dyett High School. He was more of a smart student with less discipline, and eventually, he got bored of school. Keef dropped out when he was only 15 and went on to pursue a career in music. However, Keef was arrested under accusations of possessing firearms without a license. He kept posting videos on YouTube and was already a minor celebrity in the underground rap community.

Chief Keef: Career

Having worked on his music for years, Keef brought his mixtapes out in the open in 2011. He got a decent fan base from the local kids and schoolmates. When Keef got out after 2 months, the YouTube page, ‘WorldStarHipHop’ released a video which showed a little boy laughing hysterically on Keef’s release. This was the very proof that he had gained a massive fan following and there were people who actually fond of his music. Keef then went on to release single, ‘I Don’t Like’; this became immensely popular among the nightclub circuits and even caught the attention of Kanye West.

Kanye was in love with his song and even decided to create his own remix version of it and Keef’s career officially began. In 2012, Keef released his debut studio album ‘Finally RIch’ which featured successful artists like ‘Rick Ross’, ‘Wiz Khalifa’ and ’50 Cent’. He then signed for the label Interscope Records on 2013; the contract included 3 albums with the development of Keef’s own label Glory Boyz Entertainment.

In mid-2013 he contributed to a Kanye West album, ‘Fuck Rehab’ with his cousin Mario. His cousin died a few weeks later and Keef dedicated the video to Mario Hess. Soon after, Keef made a decision to produce his own music.

Keef then released one of his major works in ‘Back from the Dead’, which was critically acclaimed. This followed up with ‘Big Gucci Sosa’ and ‘Back from the Dead 2’. In 2015, he announced his new album, ‘The Cozart’ and signed on with ‘FilmOn’. During that time, he was performing all around the country and collaborating with various artists. Later in 2016, to fans surprise, he announced his retirement from music.

 Chief Keef: Personal Life

When Keef was 16 he became the father of a child, having already parted ways with his girlfriend. Later, he gave birth to two more children and there have only been rumors about his partner. Many women have been claiming to be the mother of Keef’s child and Keef himself has never responded, causing more trouble.

However, the rapper is a family man and has brought 3 of his cousins through his label. Having said that, the family is covered in criminal history and this brought the death of his other cousin Mario.

Chief Keef: Net Worth

Currently, Keef lives in Los Angeles and prefers the silence in this city, unlike New York. His net worth is estimated at $2 million with annual earnings in the range of $1 million. However, these figures do not represent his earnings from endorsements. He also has a big collection of jewelry; and as showed in one on his videos, chief Keef owns $1 million worth of jewelry. Keef is considered as one of the highest paid rappers in the States and reportedly has bought himself a Rolls Royce.

Keef is also active on social platforms including Instagram where he has over 5 million followers.