Coyote Peterson real name, net worth, wife, career, personal life and bio

Profession: Youtubers
Date of birth: Sep 01, 1981
Age: 40
Net worth: 2 Million
Birth Place: Newbury Township, OH
Height (m): 1.81
Religion: Christianity
Relationship Status: Married

Coyote Peterson is a famous American Youtube personality who is best known for his wildlife videos on Youtube which also makes him a wildlife educator. Peterson who has also widely recognized for the informative and adventurous content of his videos on his channel started the channel Brave Wilderness, in 2014.

Coyote began his Youtube career with his wilderness channel Brave Wilderness posting some wildlife videos where he goes through the extreme put by the wildlife. Let’ s find out about Coyote Peterson real name, wife and more.

Coyote Peterson real name, early life, and career

Peterson was born on September 1, 1981, in  Newbury, Ohio which makes his nationality an American. Coyote Peterson real name is Nathaniel Peterson. He first went to  Notre Dame-Cathedral Latin School after which he studied film at The Ohio State University graduating in the year 2004.

Peterson started out his Youtube channel Brave Wilderness, in the year 2014. His videos were mostly knowledgeable videos about the wilderness, often educating his audiences about the certain species of insects and environment of some exquisite locations like Australia, Costa Rica, South Africa and of course the United States. His videos are often inspired by similar personalities with an expertise in surviving the wildlife like Bear Grylls, Steve Irwin, Jack Hanna, and others. Peterson has also hosted several other series like Coyote’s Backyard, Dragon Tails, Beyond the Tide, and On Location. The Youtuber also received an Emmy award for youth/teen programs in the year 2015.

Coyote Peterson wife and personal life

While he has gained wide recognition as a wildlife educator and host who goes into the wilderness seeking dangerous and exotic expereinces. His personal life is not so much on the spotlight. Not many know this, but the popular Youtuber is already married and even has a daughter born in the year 2008 whose name is Pup Peterson. He often also features his daughter in the videos where she is often seeing helping her father.

However, the man is pretty private when it comes to talking about his personal affairs. He has not talked about his wife so far which leaves some of the important information of his married life in the dark. So, Coyote Peterson wife will remain a mystery until we finally find her whereabouts.

Coyote Peterson net worth

Producing some excellent videos where he puts himself in the risk, Coyote has also never failed to thrill his viewers. As a matter of fact, his Youtube channel has  5.4m subscribers at present. In addition, he also has a steady views of an average of 700m.  With his Youtube success, Coyote Peterson currently has a net worth estimation of $2 million. However, his salary and income is not well defined.

Being a media personality there is no doubt that Peterson is active on social media sites as well. He is active on both Instagram and Twitter. Even on his social media sites, he never fails to provide important information regarding the species of some exotic places.

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