Dustin McNeer Net Worth, Personal Life, Career, Girlfriend, Biography

Profession: Models
Date of birth: May 28, 1997
Age: 23
Net worth:
Birth Place: Kernersville, NC
Height (m):
Religion: Christianity
Relationship Status: Single

Dustin McNeer is a 21-year-old American model who came under a lot of attention after participating in “America’s Next Top Model (ANTM).” He was a fierce competitor for the 22nd season of the show and it was there that he began shining as a model. Despite starting out as a loved figure in the show, he ultimately had to return home and was the third person to be eliminated.

This young model has thousands of fans drooling over him and his body. Right after he was let go from the modeling show, McNeer was signed by “Next Model Management” agency which is located in Miami. McNeer has been a talented kid in an amazing body and has a lot to offer to the world of modeling.

Dustin McNeer: Early Life

Dustin McNeer was born on the 28th of May, 1997 in Kernersville, North Carolina. Having been born in North Carolina, his family later decided to shift to Florida and Dustin spent most part of his life there.

From a very young age, Dustin was a man of charming looks and great personality. Very little is known about his life in the early days but by the look of things, he did show an early inclination towards modeling. McNeer was also a physically fit child; whilst studying at a high school, he was a wrestler and a gymnast.

Dustin McNeer: Career

According to several sources, Dustin moved into modeling right after finishing his higher education. He was getting average assignments which were understandable for a rookie. However, he was already making headlines and got small stints for big brands like Calvin Klein and Hollister. It was then Dustin took a big leap and went on to compete for America’s Next Top Model title.

To begin with, Dustin was first recruited by Hollister for whom he did several shirtless pictures. He was also doing several underwear photoshoots which were massively popular among his many fans. McNeer later got eliminated from the show on its third week but his ambitions were still set high.

Dustin is now prioritizing modeling like never before. He is also working on his body and wants to make it a primary asset. McNeer is a man of hard work and true dedication and one small hurdle on the show is not enough to stop him from going on to achieve his dreams.

Dustin McNeer: Personal Life

Now it is where things start getting fishy. We have had no official confirmation but by the look of things, Dustin McNeer is a gay man. There have been articles written about him in magazines like the “Gay Times” which openly suggest McNeer’s sexual orientation. And to top on that, there have been leaked photos of Dustin from gay porn videos.

However, nothing is really confirmed. It might be a trick of photoshop, or even if he is gay and making porn videos, to each his own! Now to confuse everyone, he has a photo of a girl kissing him on Instagram. Regardless, Dustin is currently single and is focusing on his career.

Dustin McNeer: Net Worth and Social Media

Sadly, the net worth of this amazing model is still a mystery. Despite the silence on the subject, we can make assumptions to a certain degree. He is a young model at the prime of his career and is sure to earn a decent sum. His brief work for brands like Hollister and Calvin Klein were sure to pay him well. Not to forget his participation on the ANTM, which introduced him all over the world with limitless possibilities for the young star.

McNeer is also active on social media platforms. People are queuing up to see every new post from this young attractive figure. He has over 409k followers on Instagram where he posts about his personal life which has a lot to do with his body. On Twitter, he has over 35.k followers and the numbers are constantly growing.

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