Eugenia Cooney Net Worth, Personal Life, Boyfriend, Career, Biography

Profession: Youtubers
Date of birth: Jul 27, 1994
Age: 27
Net worth: 2 Hundred Thousand
Birth Place: Massachusetts
Height (m): 1.79m
Religion: Christianity
Relationship Status: Single

Eugenia Cooney is a 24-year-old YouTuber whose vlogs have gained her an impressive 1.5 million followers to her channel. Cooney with her ‘Emo’ look, gained popularity on the platform posting lifestyle videos. She has been known to post videos on makeup, beauty, and fashion on her channel but she occasionally posts challenge videos.

Eugenia is now a successful YouTuber and she even makes appearances on different series with few cameo roles. She has also made a cameo appearance in the episode ‘Too Many Fingers’ in the Canadian series, “Degrassi: New Class”. Her portrayal in the series, for the most part, was based on her real life and dealt with rumors about her being anorexic. Let us now explore the life of this YouTube personality.

eugenia cooney

Caption: Eugenia Cooney for a photoshoot.

Eugenia Cooney: Early Life, Education, Career

Eugenia Cooney was born on July 27, 1994, in Massachusetts, America. Cooney holds an American citizenship and is ethnically white. Cooney grew up with a younger brother Chip, who later went on to make several appearances on Eugenia’s vlogs. She is believed to have received her higher education in Massachusetts but was later shifted and raised in Connecticut. Soon after moving, she decided to train as an actress in New York. Growing up, Eugenia had her mind set on becoming a model. That determination led to a contest for the New Face of Big Drop NYC in 2012, where she emerged victorious of the national model search contest.

cooneyCaption: Cooney on her Twitter Display Picture.

Cooney started her channel on June 17, 2011, primarily as a vlogging channel. Her ideas on ‘Emo lifestyle’ soon started gaining her a sizeable fan following on her channel. Her intentions were not drawn towards quantity but rather on quality. It is where she likes to share her ideas. She also did follow several YouTubers but particularly regards Michael Buckley as one of her influencers. Eugenia was drawn to the YouNow platform where she saw few live broadcasts of Buckley. This made her soon moved to that same platform to go live and interact with her fanbase.

Eugenia Cooney: Personal Life

People who have met or have seen her videos will agree when we say she has an amazing personality. She is known to be a kind person with optimism in her life and passionate about everything she does. Having said that, the humble Eugenia considers herself quite boring but she is someone who loves music and going to concerts.

Surprisingly, Cooney also has people that want her channel to go down. Some of it comes from insensitive people who love criticizing her looks and the rest from people who are generally concerned about her health. Eugenia often insists that she is naturally thin while others believe she has an eating disorder. Many believe that someone with over a million views and a power to influence should be responsible for her image rather than deliberately parading her skinny looks in her videos to gain followers. There have also been claims about her followers starving themselves to look like her. However, if we are to believe that it is her illness that makes her skinny, there cannot be labels about her being a bad role model.

Eugenia Cooney: Anorexia Rumors

before and after

Caption: Eugenia-before and after.

The figure above is a clear representation of how much Cooney has changed throughout the years. She was a beautiful lady and in a healthy body but has changed into an underweight figure. The 24-year-old stands tall at almost 1.8m but only weighs less than 40 kgs or 84 lbs. According to the Robinson formula, her ideal weight should be around 138 lbs of 62 kgs, so she is well below that mark.

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There are also rumors on this model being anorexic which is a psychological eating disorder which has a potential to be life-threatening. People suffering from this disorder are extremely low body weight. Life Eugenia, most men, and women who are going through this disorder have a fixation with a thin figure as they continue with abnormal patterns of eating. It is widely believed that this Instagram star too fears to gain weight and thinks of herself much heavier than she actually is.

Eugenia Cooney: Net Worth

Eugenia has been operating her YouTube channel for many years now, 7 years to be precise. She is a hard-working and dedicated individual who inspires millions. And this has earned her fame as well as riches. Her exact net worth is still under review but according to some reliable sources, she is worth over $200 thousand. A large chunk of that money is generated from her channel itself.

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Cooney is also active on various social networking platforms including Twitter and Instagram. She mostly shares her YouTube videos on Twitter and does photoshoot work on her Instagram where she has over 500k followers. Looking at her most recent photos on the platform she seems to have gained some weight, which is a good news for her fans and well-wishers.