Farokh Sarmad net worth, girlfriend, personal life, career and bio

Profession: Entrepreneur
Date of birth: Sep 07, 1994
Age: 26
Net worth: 1 Million
Birth Place: Paris
Height (m): N/A
Religion: Christianity
Relationship Status: Single

Farokh Sarmad is the creator of the Instagram page that is accessed and followed by millions of people worldwide, named “Thegoodlife”. He is a young entrepreneur and social media influencer featured on some renowned websites and magazines.

Often popularly called by the name, ” Baby Shark”, Sarmad also has an advertising company of his own. In addition, he has collaborated with several brands to help improve their brand building.

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"Everything is temporary. Emotions, thoughts, people, things, scenery. Reminding yourself of this can be an affective way to increase your gratitude." – Life is short and nothing lasts forever, so don't wait for the last minute to start something you've always dreamed of. Follow the path you want to and believe in yourself. – You're strong, smart and you have the ability to surround yourself with great people. The world is beautiful and full of resources and opportunities ready to be taken. – Think big and set big goals for yourself. Actually, if you don't want to set big goals, nothing and nobody forces you to, you are free! Do whatever makes you smile and keeps you happy every morning when you wake up. – Stay positive and make sure to spread good vibes around you because there is already enough negativity and hate in this world. Empower yourself, but empower others, compliment them, support them, as they will do the same for you. – Love unconditionally. Love yourself and what you do. Love others and especially the ones that would tear themselves apart for you. – Be grateful for what you have, as you have the luck to be alive. You are breathing, you are healthy, you are free. This has become a privilege today and you must not forget that. – Be honest with yourself and always with others. There is absolutely nothing to win by lying or hiding things. – Work hard, but work smart. Don't spend hours, days, years doing something for no reason, wasting your time. Make sure you're working efficiently and that what you're working on is worth it in the long run. – Finally, find your "why". Why are you here? Why are you doing the things you're currently doing? The answer lies within you and you will find it by setting your priorities straight and focusing on yourself. Meditate, take some time to reflect on your life and learn how to master your mind. Only once you have achieved that will you be able to go a long way. – F ❤️🙏🏻 . #mtl #montreal #entrepreneur #inspiration #empowerment

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Farokh Sarmad: Life, education, and career

Farokh Sarmad was born on September 7, 1995, in Paris to his Persian parents who now reside in Montreal, Canada. He attended the Université du Québec à Montréal. Apart from that, there is no detailed information available on his educational endeavors.

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Today I turn 23! 🎂🎉 As I grow older every year, I take the time to reflect to see where I'm at and where I am going. A lot of things happened from 22 to 23. It started with my departure to Bologna shortly after my last birthday, then realizing I couldn't stay there for many reasons and coming back to Montreal, and finally pretty much spending most of my time in Texas! A lot of decisions were made and a lot more directions were taken. It's easy to get lost when you live a fast paced life but I always managed to keep my vision strong by being honest. – I'm honest about what I want. I want to be successful as f*ck and make it as far as possible, while helping my surroundings and people around the world to reach new heights. – I'm honest about what I need. I need to stay focused. I need support. I need to just get the work done without complaining and get from one point to another. I need to stay proactive. – I'm honest about what I feel. I feel like everything's a little crazy right now. I feel scared. Scared to disappoint, scared to give it all I have without getting where I want. However being scared isn't necessarily a bad thing, fear a liar indeed and I never usually feel it that much, but the way "I feel scared" is more of a motivation than anything else. Call it pressure if you want to. – I'm honest about who I am. Everyone might not like me, I might be the loud one in the room, but I'll always be the happy one, the one that shines a light so bright that it will help people go through their day, the one that will smile at the end of the day no matter the outcome. I know who I am and I'm very self confident. I found myself and I keep learning more and more about Farokh every day, as I go on with my journey. – Today, I'm 23, I'm happy, I'm healthy, I'm grateful and I'm thankful to be where I am. There are people that truly pushed me forward this last year and others that taught me that I should always rely on nobody else but myself at the end of the day. – Thank you all for the birthday wishes and all the love you've been sending me all along. My birthday is every day thanks to you guys and I truly appreciate that. – F ❤️🙏🏻

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Sarmad, while he was quite very young, turned his Instagram pages into business pages from where he acquired a good number of followers and traffic to his pages. Posting mostly inspirational and motivational content on the Instagram page, thegoodlife’s main motive is to help people through their lives to achieve success. His page provides resources for aspiring entrepreneurs and those looking towards doing good in life. Apart from the Instagram success, Farokh has now also started his own advertising agency at a young age of 23. The young entrepreneur has collaborated with around over 1,000 people/brands to help them improve their branding. He is also called by the name of, social media expert as he has quickly made a noticeable influence on social media.

Sarmad has also been featured by Forbes magazine, National TV and the MFCEO podcast with entrepreneur Andy Frisella.

Farokh Sarmad: Girlfriend and personal life

The good looking and young entrepreneur is famous for his social media expertise and skills. But we cannot unsee the fact that he has plenty of female followers as well. Talking about his personal life in general, Sarmad so far is reportedly single as there are no signs of him having a girlfriend. There also hasn’t been any rumor as such to confirm his relationship status.

Looking through his social media profile it appears as if the young businessman doesn’t have anyone as such in his life. Only time will tell about his potential girlfriend but at present, he is only up to expanding his business.

Farokh Sarmad: Net worth

Farokh Sarmad makes a good money through millions of followers on his social media profiles. He was also among the Forbes magazine’s list of 15 Top Instagram Influencers You Should Follow. This clearly states how far he has already come to his career. Though his exact salary and income are unavailable, he has a global influence as people from almost every country follow him with fans across 50,000+ cities.

Farokh is active on Instagram with 116k followers online. Similarly, his Instagram page goodlife has 1.4m followers.