Froggy Fresh Net Worth, Personal Life, Career, Spouse, Biography

Profession: Youtubers
Date of birth:
Net worth: 0.10 Hundred Thousand
Birth Place: Burton, Michigan
Height (m): 1.57
Religion: Christianity
Relationship Status: Single

Froggy Fresh is a rapper from Michigan who came into fame for uploading rap videos and songs on YouTube. This got him famous in America and the entirety of the globe. Surprisingly, for a man so famous, he is yet to earn a good amount of money.

Whilst the rapper is famous by the name Froggy Fresh, he goes by the name Tyler Stephen Cassidy. He has been quite famous throughout his career and his videos have earned him 11 million views. Let us now get to know a bit more about this up and coming rapper.

froggy freshCaption: The controversial rapper Froggy Fresh.


Froggy Fresh: Early Life and Education

Tyler Stephen Cassidy was born in Michigan in 1990. A lot about his early life is still a little bit blurry. So, it’s hard for us to tell information regarding his early life or his family.

However, we do know that the rapper was born to parents Bradley and Renee Cassidy. Similarly, he did go to the Bendle High School and was very good with his academics. We have even come to know that he was a top student in his class who always got good grades.

TMG Fresh: Career

To start with, Tyler created an alias name Froggy Fresh because he thought that the name would be memorable for people. He then began uploading his own music videos on YouTube and was getting only a little number of views on them.

However, Fresh found his fame later after uploading ‘The Baddest’ video on YouTube. The video went viral and people were going crazy over his accent. The video was viewed for over 12 million times in a matter of months. Next, in 2012, he came up with another hit video ‘Haters Wanna Be Me’.

The aspiring musician was constantly getting better and his next upload “Best Friends” was a big improvement to his previous work. The song was about his friendship with James who collaborated with Tyler for a long period of time.

Fresh is a man of controversy and draws attention to haters equally like his lovers. However, he tries to disregard the people and gets on with his work. He has been constantly working on with and released a debut album called “Money Maker” which did pretty well. Next, he released his new album Dream Team in 2014 with the single Dunked On.

Froggy Fresh: Personal Life

Looking at the personal aspects of TMG’s life, he has been a big fan of movies and seems to love Denzel Washington. He also does watch a lot of basketball games and is a good player himself. Fresh has been supporting Chicago Bulls for a long time now and once got into a confrontation with LeBron James.

He is not the man who walks away from controversies. He is a pretty short man and people often tease him. He often gets frustrated because of it but tries to do what he does best.

His relationship status also remains a mystery. Fresh seems to be keeping this aspect of his life away from the media and we respect his privacy.

Froggy Fresh: Social Media

TMG has been involved in this career for a long time now. People have often doubted him but he manages to shine on his own. He is a dedicated man who is relentless when it comes to achieving his goals. So, as of 2018, Fresh has a net worth of $10,000.