Heidi Bivens Biography, Personal Life, Career, Spouse, Net Worth

Profession: Artists/Designers
Date of birth: Jun 27, 1976
Age: 45
Net worth: 1.2 Million
Birth Place: Virginia
Height (m):
Religion: Christianity
Relationship Status: Divorced

Heidi Bivens is an American fashion designer who is famous as an actress, a model, and filmmaker. Currently, the designer lives in New York with her mother and is still active as a fashion stylist and costume designer which she began from the late ’90s. For many years now Heidi’s work has been embracing the love of classic Hollywood cinema, Italian neorealism, and the French New Wave.

Her designs have made appearances in movies such as Harmony Korine’s, “Spring Breakers”, and David Lynch’s “Inland Empire”. Heidi has been bridging the gap between two different fields in fashion and film and this is giving her a uniqie perspective and vision on both art forms. Apart from her role in the fashion industry, Heidi came to fame for her relationship with Justin Theroux. However, as all good things, this came to an end. The two ended things after being together for over 14 years. Keep reading to find more about the end to her love life.

heidi bivens

Caption: The beautiful designer Heidi Bivens.

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Heidi Bivens: Early Life and Education

Heidi Bivens was born on the 27th of June, 1976, in Virginia, America. She was born to mother Marilyn Bivens but her father’s details have not been made available to the public. Bivens is of American nationality and is ethnically white. Next coming to her star sign, she is a Gemini.

heidi and justin

Caption: Justin and the young Heidi.
Source: dailymail.co.uk

Heidi was a delightful kid from a very young age who had a passion for fashion. The young child would often collect fashion magazines and use to follow trends as per the magazines. Despite very little information regarding her personal life, we do know that she attended a local high school and then went on to join a college with a degree related in fashion designing.

Heidi Bivens: Career

After the completion of her education, Heidi began pursuing a career in fashion. She started as a fashion stylist and a costume designer. Bivens is still well engaged in this industry and is one of the biggest names. She has been famous for her work with W magazine and then WWD in the New York City. You must clearly have seen some of her amazing work in magazines such as Vogue and Purple.

Heidi has also worked as a costume designer in Hollywood. Despite many of her work in this industry, she is perhaps best known for “The Longest Week”, “Inland Empire”, etc. Currently, Heidi is working for a Johah Hill teen movie “Mid90s” and we could not be more excited.

Heidi Bivens: Personal Life

Despite all her engagements in her work life, Heidi is undoubtedly best known for her relationship with the Hollywood actor Justin Theroux. She began dating the famous actor at her 20’s and both of them were together for 14 years. However, things did not last for the couple as Theroux left Bivens for the ‘Friends’ actress Jennifer Aniston.

heidi and justin theroux

Caption: Heidi and Justin Theroux.
Source: dailymail.co.uk

It was probably a mutual separation but nevertheless a sad one for Bivens. After separating with Heidi, Theroux went on to marry Aniston in 2015. However, as it so often happens, they too got separated in 2017. As per reports, even Heidi warned Aniston that it would be too nice of her to expect Justin for a long run. Heidi made sure that Jennifer knew the dark side of Theroux and perhaps all her suspicions have been proven right. Coming back to Heidi’s separation, it was a tragic end for her. She did suffer mentally and emotionally. To make things worse, Bivens also got diagnosed with cancer. She is, however, a strong lady and is fighting really well. As per reports, she has been focusing on her professional life and is not showing interests in another romantic life.

Heidi Bivens: Net Worth and Social Media

Heidi might not be one of the biggest names in Hollywood but she had definitely made her mark. She is one of the finest designers in the industry and has worked really hard to get to where she is today. She demands a lot of respect in the industry for being the fighter that she is. Heidi also makes quite a decent sum from her work as a fashion designer. As per reports, she has a net worth of $1.2 million. Moreover, she endorses brands like Mastercard, Olay Pro X, Gilette, and Evian. Bivens has also famously collaborated with icons like Kanye West and Beck, so as per reports, she made an amazing fortune with those projects. We have also come to know that Heidi owns luxury cars of her own but unlike many stars, she is not the one to show them off.

Despite not having official accounts, Bivens might just be active on social media platforms. It is pretty common for designers to act as influencers on platforms like Instagram and Twitter and there is an account with the name of Heidi Bivens. You can also follow her on Instagram where she has over 8k followers and Twitter where she has over 1.3k followers.

Apart from all this we do wish Bivens all the best and hope that she makes a quick and swift recovery from cancer.

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