Jason Gastrow net worth, girlfriend, career and biography

Profession: Youtubers
Date of birth: Jan 30, 1991
Age: 31
Net worth: 2 Million
Birth Place: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Height (m): 1.55
Religion: Christianity
Relationship Status: In Relationship

Jason Gastrow is an American Youtuber who goes by the name of “videogamedunkey” or “dunkey”. He made his career breakthrough from his  “League of Legends” videos. Currently, he has collected 4.6 million subscribers on his channel. His first video was “Battletoads, One Life Speedrun” that he posted in 2010.

Gastrow is 27 years old and lives in Los Angeles of California in the United States of America. Apart from his gaming videos, Gastrow also sings and raps on his channel.

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Jason Gastrow: Early Life, Career and Nationality

Jason Gastrow was born on January 30, 1991, in January 30, 1991 which means his nationality is an American. There is little information about his background as he has not talked about his previous life before becoming a Youtuber so we cannot really confirm the news concerning his parents, education or life before Youtube.

However, what we know is that Gastrow started his Youtube career in the year 2010. He first released a video, “Battletoads, One Life Speedrun“. After that, he has released a series of videos which has garnered him fans and around 4.6 million subscribers on Youtube. He is popularly known for his Leauge of Legends videos but he has also played other videos beyond Leauge of Legends that include  GTA V, Hitman: Absolution, Skyrim, Halo 1-4, Left 4 Dead, Superman 64 and even more. These are only half of the names on the very long list of games he has played for his subscribers.

Besides gaming videos, Gastrow occasionally posts rap videos and songs. He has a very witty sense of humor that he displays on his channel’s content. He is also the initiator of the popular catchphrase, “Not even close baby”. In March of 2015, he released a music video alongside Youtubers such as Pewdiepie and Keyori.

Jason Gastrow: girlfriend and personal life

Let’s get to Jason’s personal life which is equally exciting as his career. At present, Gastrow is not single but he is dating this fellow Youtuber. She is none other than Leah Bee, who is also a Youtuber known for her videos that are usually vlogs, challenges including other variety of content.

There was a recent news that broke out stating that they were engaged. According to sources, this Youtube couple were engaged in October of 2017. Leah Bee often makes appearances on Gastrow’s channel. Together they have done a few challenge videos as well.

Jason Gastrow: Net Worth

Jason Gastrow has now earned many fans and followers while his number of subscribers also tends to be growing each day.  With his videos that are popular for its non-sencial humor, the Youtuber has earned a good amount simply from his channel. His total net worth estimation is $2 million at the moment.

Gastrow is also very active on social media channels like Facebook and Twitter where he is mostly active sharing and promoting his Youtube content.