Jeff Gerstmann Bio, Age, Height, Career, Personal Life, Net Worth

Profession: Journalist
Date of birth: Aug 01, 1975
Age: 45
Net worth: 8 Hundred Thousand
Birth Place: Los Angeles, CA
Height (m): 1.9
Religion: Christianity
Relationship Status: Married

Jeff Gerstmann is an American video game journalist who is famous as the co-founder of the largest online video game database, “Giant Bomb”. Gertsmann is also the former editorial director of GameSpot. For his contribution to the gaming industry, Jeff was named one of 25 top celebrities in the gaming industry by Complex Magazine.

Throughout the years, Gerstmann has been able to establish himself as one of the biggest names in the online gaming community.  Apart from his role in Giant Bomb, he is also extremely fond of music and acting. Let us now, without any further ado, get to know a bit more about this man, shall we?

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Jeff Gerstmann: Early Life and Education

Jeff Michael Gerstmann was born on the 1st of August, 1975, in Los Angeles, United States of America. Whilst there is very little information known about Jeff and his family, we do know that he lost his dad in March 2014, when he took to  Twitter to inform his followers.

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Jeff had a passion for gaming from a very young age. He was, however, not very good with his academics and it was his passion for gaming that overshadowed his education. Thankfully for Gerstmann, his parents were also extremely supportive of his life choices.

Jeff Gerstmann: Career

Jeff began his career as a video game journalist when he was only 17 years old. He did, however, work for various print magazines and movie theatres to make the ends meet. Next, in 1996, Jeff joined GameSpot as an intern and it marked the change in his life. Slowly but surely the young intern grew to be the Editor Director and after having been together with the company for just over a decade, he left GameSpot in 2007 due to an issue with the management team.

Whilst working with the company, he made some of the most famous reviews. His review for Tempest X3 for PlayStation was his first one in the many that followed. Jeff also found fame for creating the video podcast, Points Report. However, in more recent years, Gerstmann has been working for Giant Bomb. He was the co-founder of the company and alongside his friend Ryan Davies, he has been doing amazing work.

Jeff Gerstmann: Personal Life

Now looking at the personal aspects of Jeff’s life, he is married to his longtime girlfriend. Whilst he is still yet to confirm the name of his wife, rumors suggest that the lucky lady is indeed Jessica Elliot. Jeff, however, did announce his marriage on a Giant Bomb podcast with a delight in his voice.

Unlike Jeff, his wife Jessica makes wonderful exquisite pieces of jewelry and accessories. Having said their vows in 2015, the two beautiful couple have been together for almost 5 years now. Things are sailing pretty wonderfully between them and we wish them the very best of luck.

Jeff Gerstmann: Net Worth and Social Media

Jeff has been in this gaming industry forever now. He began as a journalist when he was only 17 and has been able to make his way to the top. As per reports, he has a net worth of $800,000. Throughout the years, Jeff has been a hard-working personality and with his dedication and work ethic, he has been able to accomplish a lot. His company, Giant Bomb, on the other hand, is valued to be over $75 million.

Gerstmann is also pretty active on social media platforms. He likes to share some aspects of his personal and professional life with his fans. You can too go follow the journalist on Instagram where he goes by the handle @jeffgerstmann.

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