Mariam Ezzeddine; cookwithmima, net worth, husband, career and bio

Profession: Youtubers
Date of birth:
Net worth: 5 Hundred Thousand
Birth Place:
Height (m): N/A
Religion: Christianity
Relationship Status: Married

Mariam Ezzeddine is the woman behind “CookWithMima”; which if you do not already know is an Instagram page that provides tutorials to cook a variety of delicacies. “Cookwithmima” is also backed by an official food blog where you can see some really great recipes to prepare delightful treats.

Mariam is also a wife and mother to two of her kids. There are more interesting things to learn about this inspirational entrepreneur. We are going to cover all of that in this biography. You might also like to know Rosanna Pansino’s net worth.

Mariam Ezzeddine: Life, education, and career

Mariam Ezzeddine was born and raised in Sierra Leone in West Africa. Her parents were originally from Lebanon. Mariam graduated with a major in Criminal Justice aspiring to work for the federal government. However, she had a change of heart after realizing she didn’t want to do a risky job for the rest of her life.

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I have been wanting to share a very deep personal component of my past which I felt you may find touching. It sheds light on the human side of who I am and I wanted to share this part of my life with you because I have so many loving and supporting followers. I went through life and death situations just up until I was around 12. My family and I went through some horrible times during the war which were life changing for us. This moment, a life changing event is what lead us to finally move to the US. During the last war we lost everything, we ran away barefoot, many people thought we were dead. We fought for our lives for 15 days through famine, fear, and dehydration before we finally made it to the other side of the city after the cease fire. We had nothing, but thank God we made it alive. We lost our home, all of our personal belongings including photos and memories we had from the past when our home was burnt down. We were homeless, had no money, and lost my childhood from all the horrible things I saw during the war. Life has taught me a lot. I live those horrible memories daily, truly a post traumatic event. I still fear sleeping at home alone, thinking someone’s going to attack me during the night. Waking up to bad dreams of these memories, keeps me up at night. Time heals but it’s hard to forget. Most importantly, I know what it feels like to have nothing, and that’s why I will never forget what it feels like to GIVE. Giving and doing good to others is the most wonderful feeling you can ever experience. It gives me strength, it gives me hope, it gives me happiness and it inspires me so much to work harder and harder every day doing what I do here on instagram. The harder I work to make a living, the more I can give back and make a difference in peoples lives.Their smiles and prayers makes me happier and stronger. I will continue to work harder to keep this cause going for as long as I can.I will never give up giving and helping people in need.I’m blessed that God gave me this gift. Listen to the song “This is me” by @kealasettle. Thank you @conciousworkingmama for inspiring me to share this story. Thanks to all of you for supporting this cause❤️#thisisme

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Initially pursuing cooking for herself, Ezzeddine later decided to take it on a business level as she realized the recipes could be of great help to people. In her blog, Mariam clearly explains her motivation to do what she’s doing, she said,

“I love hearing and learning from my readers to give them more of what they want to see. I enjoy seeing how readers worldwide cook with me, and encounter new flavors and foods! My followers on Instagram are incredibly engaged, and I love seeing the meals they make for their families from recipes I’ve created!”

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Happy Sunday Everyone!❤️

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Mariam started out with her blog and then took it to Instagram where she now has 2.5m followers who enjoy her recipes. Ezzeddine also talks about her experiences as an entrepreneur and a food blogger. She has also explained how being a business owner became the best decision in her life in an interview with Huffington Post. She said;

 “Being a business owner affords me to direct my abilities and skills in a unique manner towards my ultimate success without the clouding of others opinions or layered decision making approval all of which would have drawbacks and limitations.”

Mariam Ezzeddine: Husband and personal life

Besides being an entrepreneur Mariam is also a mother and a wife. Mariam is married to her husband whose identity is yet to reveal. She has two sons with her husband and is living quite an exciting family life as of now. Though Mariam is a happy wife and mother of two she has not talked much about her husband and the story of their marriage.

Mariam began cooking after she was pregnant with one of her children and had cravings for food. As a matter of fact, she started cooking experimenting with flavors and healthy substitutes.

Mariam Ezzeddine: Net worth

Mariam Ezzeddine is an inspiring personality to those who want to start something of their own. For her achievements and work, she was also on the list of the Forbes magazine’s 15 Top Instagram Influencers You Should Follow. Ezzeddine’s social media reach and her success is surely helping her make a good money. However, so far the salary and income are not available. On the other hand, her net worth estimation is also a mystery.

Mariam is active on social media sites like Instagram where she uses the pseudonym, “CookWithMima” as her username. She currently has 2.5m followers on her Instagram page. Similarly, she also uses Snapchat.