Mia Khalifa Bio, Family, Instagram, Net Worth, Husband, Boyfriend

Profession: actors
Date of birth: Feb 10, 1993
Age: 29
Net worth: 4 Million
Birth Place:
Height (m): 1.57
Religion: Christianity
Relationship Status: Divorced

Mia Khalifa is the world famous adult star like Olivia Black, who’s been able to gather huge fanbase across the globe for being who she is. The most popular adult movie star is in a mission to liberate girls all over the earth from been sexually suppressed. Mia wants to hand them the audacity to be wanton; the boldness to crawl out from their private places and ”be the s*** they’ve always wanted to be”.

She believes it’s cool for one to embark on a journey of self-discovery and sexual liberation which is why she took charge of her fantasies and do the things she does. Due to her origin and the religious issues of the world, Mia had to fend off death threats after a pornographic film of her dressed in the veil mostly worn by Muslim women circulated rapidly and widely on the Internet. Her family was very angry with her.


Mia Khalifa Bio, Parents

As Mia Khalifa was famous as the hijab porn actress, many believe that she is a Muslim. Well, she isn’t. The pornstar is a Christian as she comes from a Catholic family.

Mia Khalifa was born on February 10, 1993, in Lebanon’s capital – Beirut. She was at the age of 7 when her family decided to move to the United States of America. The family then decided to settle in Maryland Mongomery Country. She basically grew up there and left home when she was at the age of 18. Later, Mia married an American sometime in February 2011.

Talkin about Mia’s educational background, she is a graduate of a research university in El Paso, Texas. According to the sources, she received a Bachelor of Arts degree in History from the public university.

Because Mia chose a porn career, not only her parents, but the entire members of her family have cut off all the relations. She once revealed that none of them talks with her as her family is “very conservative” and “extremely strict”.

Mia Khalifa Instagram

After getting death threats, Mia eventually quit her career. However, she has been utilizing her large fanbase to promote different brands. She has 11 million followers on Instagram.

Mia Khalifa Salary, Net Worth

It is of huge interest for us to know how much Khalida received as salary from her porn films, but the information is simply not available. However, the only thing that can be assured is that she has accumulated an enviable amount of wealth from endorsements and her personal porn site. Her net worth is estimated to be around $4 million.

Mia Khalifa Husband, Boyfriend

As mentioned earlier, Mia was married to an American in February 2011, however, his identity is largely unknown.

Presently, the star is dating a Sweden chef, Robert Sandberg for pretty long now. They seem to be enjoying each other’s company quite a lot. Rober Sweden has a YouTube channel where he posts vlogs with his girlfriend, Mia Khalifa.