Miles Brock Personal Life, Career, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Measurements

Profession: Singers/Bands
Date of birth: Sep 03, 1990
Age: 30
Net worth: 7 Hundred Thousand
Birth Place: Los Angeles, CA
Height (m): 1.75
Religion: Christianity
Relationship Status: Unmarried

Miles Brock, popularly known as ‘Siir Brock’, is a rapper, dancer, and model. He started with his stage name with the R&S group ‘Marz Boiz’ and later associated with a dance group ‘Steady Clowin’. After that, he joined the supporting cast of VH1’s reality television show ‘Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood’, season 2. The show became the platform where the story of his struggle to coming out to his family and ex-girlfriend Amber Laura about his sexuality.

Further, he also shares his two years of secret relationship with Milan Christopher. Also, the two made headlines because of their offscreen violent break-up and Miles didn’t return to the show after the season’s reunion special. According to TMZ in 2015,  Brock arrested for alleged assault and claims by Milan a day after they had an argument when they met at a Halloween party.

Miles Brock

Caption: The rapper and reality television star, Miles Brock.
Source: US Magazine

Miles Brock: Bio, Family, Career

The rapper was born on 3 September 1990 in Los Angeles, California, The United States. He didn’t reveal information about his father or mother. He has four sisters whose details are not available in the media. Regarding his education, he finished his high school studies from a local high school. Further, he holds a degree in social sciences, mathematics, and behavioral science. Additionally, according to sources, he also pursued his medical studies.

However, he always kept the music at the top of the list despite his other career builds. He rose to fame in a very short period of time in the entertainment by his stage name ‘SiirBrock’. He gained huge recognition after being part of the popular show ‘Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood’. Miles also appeared on the franchise in the specials Dirty Little Secrets and The Love Edition. He has also worked in films like 2007 ‘It’s Christmas’ and 2011 ‘The Broom Wedding’.

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Miles Brock: Personal Life & Wife

You must be aware of his sexuality if not then he has shared his story of coming out in the reality show ‘Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood’. Brock has admitted to being a bisexual and open about his sexuality. He previously dated his high school Sweetheart, Amber Laura. On the show, he revealed that he struggled to come out in front of his family and ex-girlfriend.

Also, he shared his relationship with his gay boyfriend, Milan Christopher for almost two years. However, it is unclear whether he is in a relationship with anybody or not. Going to a safe zone, he is single at the moment and focusing on his career building.

Miles Brock and Milan Christopher

Caption: Miles Brock and his ex-boyfriend Milan Christopher.
Source: YouTube

Miles Brock: Net Worth & Social Media Profiles

Talking about his earning, he surely is earning a good amount of money from his career. Though he has not revealed exact information on his salary or annual income, he must have been making a considerable amount. However, his net worth has an estimation of around $700 thousand. His main source of income is from the music industry.

He has a verified Instagram account @siirbrock with 263k followers. On Twitter, he goes by the verified account @SiirBrock with 45.5k followers. But it seems he is not active on Facebook.

Miles Brock: Body Measurements

The rapper has a strong and healthy body that stands to a tall height of 5 feet 9 inches or 1.75 meters and weighs around 75 kg. He has body measurements of 41 inches of chest size and 31 inches waist size with 13 inches. He has black eyes as well as black hair color.

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