Nancy Putkoski net worth, husband, personal life, career and biography

Profession: Miscellaneous
Date of birth:
Net worth: 1 Million
Birth Place:
Height (m): N/A
Religion: Christianity
Relationship Status: Married

Nancy Putkoski is the first wife of Anthony Bourdain, the famous American chef, TV presenter, and personality. Anthony first married Putkoski before being hitched to his second wife  Ottavia Busia. She is the infamous wife of the celebrity who is less talked about in the media.

Bourdain talked about Nancy in his book, ‘Kitchen Confidential’ that released in the year 2000. Let’s see what we can find on Nancy’s life, career, and net worth.

Nancy Putkoski early life, career and nationality

Nancy Putkoski was born in the United States which makes her nationality an American. Putkoski grew up with her family in America. There is less background available as to her early life and educational background. She attended Dwight-Englewood school where she met her future husband Anthony as well. Except for that information, there is nothing more available about Nancy. So, we do not know her education or professional background.

Nancy Putkoski husband and personal life

Nancy Putkoski’s personal life became intriguing when she married her high school sweetheart, Anthony Bourdain. They dated for several years until finally tying the knot in the year 1985. The marriage lasted for another 20 years which is indeed a lot of time together. However, the couple decided to call it quits in the year 2004 and finalized their divorce in the year 2005. Their divorce from a long marriage drew a lot of attention and caused headlines in the media. It is also believed that Anthony’s constant traveling made their marriage more difficult.  Despite 20 years of marriage the couple never had any children.

Nancy Putkoski
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After the separation from Nancy, Anthony began to engage in alcoholism and drugs use. He has even talked about his marriage to Nancy in his book, ‘Kitchen Confidential’. However, Anthony moved on with his life and married his second wife in the year 2007. While Nancy continued her low-key life and wasn’t in the news for ages.

Nancy Putkoski

Caption: Nancy Putkoski and her husband Anthony Bourdain
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Nancy Putkoski net worth

As Nancy has been successful in maintaining a low-key life it is difficult to track down the exact details of her life. Nancy has now been long lost and kept herself surfaced beneath her personal life. Therefore, we do not know about Nancy’s profession, her monthly and yearly salary or her net worth.

To make things more private, the former wife of the celebrity chef is also not on any social media forms. We can quickly conclude that she is not really a social media person. Though in the year a photo of Bourdain caused a little talk about the forgotten Nancy Putkoski as it was revealed to be photographed by her while they were still married. But then that was it and yet again she became a less favorite topic and a forgotten romance of the celebrity chef.

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