Nickmercs Bio, Age, Height, Career, Personal Life, Net Worth

Profession: Youtubers
Date of birth: Nov 21, 1990
Age: 31
Net worth: 6.25 Hundred Thousand
Birth Place: Michigan
Height (m): 1.8
Religion: Christianity
Relationship Status: Married

Nickmercs is one of the most famous bodybuilders and gamers in America. His love for gaming began since he was a very young kid. Nickmercs has turned this love of his into a career and is loving every single moment of it. Nick is now extremely famous on YouTube for his creative contents and has definitely come a long way since those early years.

Not only is he creative, but Nick has also showcased some amazing gaming skills throughout the years. He has gone on to collab with various gaming personalities on the platform and is his presence on the internet is continuously expanding. Let us now get to know a bit more about him, shall we?

Nickmercs: Early Life and Education

Nick Kolcheff was born on the 21st of November, 1990, in Michigan, USA. Kolcheff belongs to the white ethnic background whilst his nationality is evidently American. Looking more into his family, Nick grew up alongside two other siblings who all had a passion for gaming. Moreover, his parents were extremely supportive of him and his career choices and Nick is extremely thankful for them.

Now looking at his education, Nick went on to join City High School in his hometown. After graduating from the institution, he joined the prestigious University of Michigan for his further studies.

Nickmercs: Career

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As Nick was fascinated by gaming from a very early age, he wanted to pursue a career in and around it. He began things by starting his own YouTube channel, “NICKMERCS”. Nick was also a vivid user of the game streaming platform Twitch and was uploading his videos to the platform since 2004. Whilst things were going a bit slow at first, Nick’s content began growing and finding a larger fanbase. He first found fame for streaming Fortnite on Twitch.

Kolcheff also holds the world record for 56 killings in Fortnite Battle Royale. Ever since breaking the world record, he has been on a constant rise. Nick again broke a record for the most kills by a duo in the same game by killing 26 other players. He has since then become one of the most famous gamers on YouTube with over 1.6 million followers.

Nickmercs: Personal Life

Now looking at the personal aspects of Nick’s life, he has been in a romantic relationship with the lady called, Emumita Bonita. The two have been together for quite some time. Moreover, they have been showcasing their love for one another through social media platforms. Whilst the couple has not shared much information about their life, they seem to be doing pretty well and we wish them a wonderful life ahead.

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Apart from his love life, Nick is still a massive fan of video games. Despite it being what he does for a living, the gamer certainly had the same love for this industry. He is also somewhat of a fitness freak. Nick loves working out and he likes to showcase his body to many of his fans. He is also a big fan of cars and dogs, and you can see all that from his Instagram profile.

Nickmercs: Net Worth and Social Media

The gaming industry has certainly grown with the rise of the internet. It has allowed creators like Nick to shine and share their talent to the world. With all that he has done on YouTube, this gamer has a net worth of $625k. Moreover, reports suggest that he makes over $20k every month and is clearly living a life full of luxury.

Nickmercs is also pretty active on social media platforms. He has a massive fan following on platforms like Instagram and YouTube. You can find him on YouTube under handle @NICKMERCS and on Instagram under @nickmercs.

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