Pupinia Stewart net worth career boyfriend and bio

Profession: Youtubers
Date of birth: Oct 16, 1998
Age: 23
Net worth: 2 Hundred Thousand
Birth Place:
Height (m): more than 5 feet
Religion: Christianity
Relationship Status: Unknown

Pupinia Stewart is one of the popular young YouTuber. She has gained popularity by sharing numerous informative and humorous videos. That deals with different social and domestic topics. The YouTuber has started her channel in the year 2012 on 10th October. But she began to post the videos after two months of launching the channel. The channel has subscribers over 109k with the viewership of 1m.

Stewart has garnered many fans through her videos which represents the positive reflection on some serious topics; depression, suicide, and rape. Nevertheless, her vlogs are little different than others. Further, she has garnered appreciated, loved and even disproved by the haters. Like Cryaotic Face, she has also gathered fans through her humor videos.

pupinia Stewart

Caption: Pupinia Stewart with her dog
Source: ytimg.com

Pupinia Stewart: early life, education, and career

Stewart was born on 16th October 1998, in the United States of America. Through some sources, we came to know that she was born under the name “Emma Carey”. But the name is still under verified. There is not any information about her family or on educational background. She has perfectly maintained a balance between her personal and professional life.


As far as her career life is concerned, we have stated earlier that she has entered the world of YouTube in the year 2012 on October 10. Though she began to upload videos after two months that is the 8th of December, it gained popularity. Gradually, Pupinia started to attract many fans by approaching her positive thinking in her humorous videos. According to the reports collected, the videos which are posted before March 2015 were removed or privatized.

Beyond her Channel, she is also a part of the YouTube Channel Called “Our Third Life” which is collaborated channel of many YouTube stars. Other than Stewart, the channel also features the vlogs of Schmitty Winkleson and Steven Skyhard. In her videos, it can be seen that she can’t stop her emotions while featuring serious topics like Abortion, rape, or suicide. She is also seen crying in one of her videos. In that video, she has shown the hatred towards minions. This video was very popular that it has collected 8.5K views.

Pupinia Stewart: personal life, boyfriend, and relationship

Regarding her personal life, currently, she is single. Even there’s no information on having boyfriends in the past. She mentioned that she has an unrivaled love for Donald Trump which can be seen in her videos.

Stewart is focusing on her career life likely on her YouTuber career. That is constantly increasing, as seen in her posted videos. Her personality can be described her as sensitive, insane and has intelligent tactics in making videos.


Pupinia Stewart: net worth

The, 19 years old, Stewart has gained popularity from her own channel on YouTube. And also from the collaborated channel “Our Third Life”; where her viewers are upraising day by day. Thus, an increasing number of subscribers and viewership, she must earn a hundred thousands dollars. Although, her net worth is not disclosed yet. Her net worth can be assumed to be more than $200,000.

Stewart earned the title “Troll queen” and “comedy genius” who are aware of her numerous insane and intelligent action. She is not active on any social media platforms except YouTube. She does not hold any account in social network sites like Facebook and Instagram.