Rory John Gates Biography, Career, Girlfriend and Net Worth

Profession: Miscellaneous
Date of birth: May 23, 1999
Age: 23
Net worth: 20 Million
Birth Place: Seattle, WA
Height (m): 1.65
Religion: Christianity
Relationship Status: In Relationship

You probably know him as the son of world’s richest man Bill Gates. Rory John Gates garners media attention solely from his billionaire father. Rory is currently quite young to be even concerned about if he will ever make it even close to his high achieving father. However, whether or not he makes his own identity beyond his father’s is a much-awaited question everyone is curious about.

Rory is currently 18 years old and lives with his parents in Seattle, Washington D.C. He attends the Lakeside School at Washington itself.

Rory John Gates: Early life, Career, and Nationality

Rory John Gates was born on 23rd May 1999 in Seattle Washington as a middle child. He is of American nationality and belongs to a mix of ethnicities of Irish, German and English. Similarly, he has two siblings, his elder sister named Jennifer Katherine Gates and a younger sister named Phoebe Adele Gates. He is the alumni of the Lakeside School which was both attended by his father and his elder sister. Rory hasn’t attended any university yet. He just completed his high school and is interested in intellectual pursuits, feminism, and literature. Despite being the son of a billionaire, Rory along with his siblings have been brought up in a strict parenting environment. As Bill Gates himself revealed that his children were not allowed using phones till the age of 13 which tells enough.

Rory has not even started working to trace his career so far. He has not made clear if he will continue his father’s pursuits or start something on his own.

Rory John Gates: Personal Life and Girlfriend

Rory is in his late teens which means he must be already dating by now. However, the Gates Children have kept their personal life to themselves not letting media to take control over it. Which is why the facts about their dating life are not cleared out. As a matter of fact, we cannot tell if this young good-looking billionaire and young gentleman is dating someone in real life. There are no traces of his girlfriends or any such names to be linked to yet.

Rory John Gates

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Rory John Gates: Net Worth

Rory John Gates has the world’s richest father whose total net worth increased up to a 90.5 billion USD in 2018. But you might be curious how much is Rory worth after all. He might be one lucky teenager who has millions on his name without even lifting a finger to which we can use the phrase, “Born with a silver spoon”, but a gold in this case!

Rory John Gates has a total net worth estimation of around $20 million. This is sure to make many teenagers of his age jealous. But Bill Gates and his wife Melinda have always claimed of giving their child a simple upbringing and they were brought up with ordinary values in contrast to many people’s expectations.