Catherine Herridge Net Worth, Career, Personal Life, Husband, Biography

Profession: journalist Date of birth: Jun 05, 1965 Age: 53 Net worth: 9 Hundred Thousand Birth Place: Height (m): 1.76 Religion: Christianity Relationship Status: Married

Catherine Herridge is a famous and a well-respected face in the field of American Journalism. She is the chief intelligence correspondent for the FOX News Channel, where she worked alongside David Pakman. She is a beautiful and talented TV personality who used to host the second edition of ‘Weekend Live’.

Herridge is someone who always strives to give viewers the best of news and for that, she has a massive viewership. This journalist is also famous for being an author and an amazing mother to her children. She remains an admirable figure off stage as she does on stage. Let us now get to know more about this journalist from FOX TV.

fox reporting

Caption: Herridge reporting for FOX.

Catherine Herridge: Early Life, and Education

Herridge was born on the 18th of May in 1965. The Canadian grew up in a military family but always has her eyes set in the field of journalism. There is very little information available from her early life and her parents.


Caption: A younger Catherine.

For her education, she joined Harvard College where she obtained her Bachelor’s degree. Next, she moved on to Columbia University to pursue her further education. There she graduated with a masters in Journalism before starting a career in the same field.

Soon after being done with her education she began her career with ABC News. She stayed with the network for a generous amount of time but soon quit to join the FOX TV.

Catherine Herridge: Career

After transferring from ABC to FOX News Channel she established herself as a field correspondent. She did an exclusive cover story on Hillary Clinton in the year 2000. It covered aspects like Clinton’s campaign for Senate, presidential elections, Washington, D.C. area sniper attacks, etc. She also wrote a book with the title ‘The Next Wave: On the Hunt for al Qaeda’s American Recruits’. The book dealt with Middle Eastern and North African terrorism and its future damages.

catherine interview

Caption: Catherine Herridge in an interview.

Catherine has been a long time worker for the Fox Network. She joined them since their operation in 1996. However, she had a legal dispute with the network over salary issues in the year 2007. She made her voice heard about her dissatisfaction with her pay and filed a case with the EEOC. Later, Fox increased her salary and promoted her and she has been working together with the network ever since.

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Caption: Catherine’s book- “The Next Wave: On the Hunt for Al Queda’s American Recruits”.

During her tenure, she has managed to cover investigations of Princess Diana’s death, the Benghazi attack, Hillary Clinton’s campaign, and even 9/11 attacks. These coverages made her one of the best journalists for fox.

Catherine Herridge: Personal Life

Catherine is a married woman who got together with an Air Force Lc. Col, JD Hayes. The two of them were officially married on March 14, 2004, and they have been together ever since. As of 2018, Catherine has 2 children, both sons, Jamie and Peter.

Her son Peter struggled for his life right after he was born. He was diagnosed with a rare chronic liver disease known as biliary atresia. It was a form of cancer which could damage his vital body organs. The only hope for the survival of Catherine’s son was a liver transplant. The family waited for a long time hoping to find a donor but nothing came.

Later Catherine decided to make the ultimate sacrifice which had every possibility to kill her. It has been 10 years since the operation took place and thankfully both Peter and Catherine managed to come out of it unscathed. As of 2018, the family is leading a happy and a healthy life together.

Catherine Herridge: Net Worth

Herridge’s legal battle with fox over salary disputes made quite a headline after it was out in the open. In the lawsuit, she was asking for a 95% increase in her salary that would see it rise to a whopping $900,000 per year.

catherine family

Caption: Catherine with her family.

However, the case was later dismissed by a federal judge who made the point that she still had a very generous pay of an annual $100,000.  Catherine also makes a lot from her writings and is considered to be one of the best journalists fox has ever had. All of her work amounts to a net worth of approximately $10 million. So her success in her career has been able to pay her extremely well financially and the 54-year-old still has a lot to offer and earn.