Dr. Nowzaradan Diet Plan & Weight Loss Plan

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The Houston based surgeon Dr. Nowzaradan a.k.a. Dr. Now is an Iranian-American surgeon, TV personality, and author. The surgeon is specialized in vascular surgery and bariatric surgery. Many people recognize him for helping the obese patients to lose weight which became the concept of the TLC reality television series ‘My 600-lb Life’, which aired in 2012 and still running.

His other specialty is that he takes the patients that are rejected by other doctors. Further, he stated that he wants the best for his patients and mostly wants them to survive. So, let us discover below why do Dr. Now wants his patients to go on diet before surgery or weight loss.

The Reason Behind Why Dr.Now wants His Patients To Go On Diet Before Surgery?

First of all, we should know about the gastrectomy surgery which Dr. Now performs on Obesity patients. A gastrectomy surgery means to remove a portion of the stomach. However, there are many types of gastrectomy depending upon the stomach and surrounding tissues. After the surgery, patients need to focus on their new diet plan, further, they may dieting also helps to lower the risk during the surgery.

Therefore, Dr. Now wants his patients used to a new diet and will be easily adapt even after the surgery. Before surgery, Dr. Now takes a lot of preparation and surgery is much more dangerous since it puts a strain on the body. So, dieting pre-surgery helps to reduce the risks and further it will help to change the further lifestyle.

Dr. Now Weight Loss Diet Plan & Benefits

The doctor’s diet plan has been designed not to go down the 1200 calories per day. His diet plan also ensures a balanced diet full of nutrients. He advises the suitable and customized diet plan according to patients’ needs. Meanwhile, the diet plan will also help the patients to eat a new portion for the future. Therefore, we can say that the diet is basically the practice that patients will adapt after the surgery.

Dr. Nowzaradan diet plan

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Further, his diet plan is also recommended by others because it is safe to follow to cut down your excess fat. However, one who is thinking of diet must consult their doctor before approaching because everyone’s body is not safe to follow. That’s before going on a diet you must take advice on how to approach the diet plan.

Dr. Now’s diet food listed a low-calorie yet beneficial to the health. The foods in his diet list are low in calories but high in protein. His list has only avoided sugar and high saturated fat foods like cream and fatty foods. But if we are thinking about carbs then they are not completely avoiding in the plan. And also some may have doubts about eggs than eggs are high in calories so it is better to stick to egg whites. In addition, the list has forbidden foods which include candy and sweets, chocolate, crackers, potato chips, French fries, popcorn, nuts including peanuts, white and brown rice, pasta. However, there are exceptional foods that we can intake in moderation, natural sweeteners like honey and watermelon.

His recommended diet chart for individuals varies from one to another. However, his usual advice would be like:

Fruits and vegetables are important sources of fiber, minerals, and vitamins. So, the diet includes fruits like melon, papaya, avocado, tomatoes, peach, 5-9 servings per day. Vegetables like leafy greens and broccoli, one-cup one-serving, whereas high starch vegetables potatoes and corn, half-cup one-serving.

Coming towards Grains and carbs, these are the importance and also always questioned about its intake. So, the doctor has advised that grains are high in carbs thus, it should be taken in moderation. The human body needs 5-7 one-ounce serving per day. However, it varies from men to women. Further, Dairy products, the source of calcium, include low-fat milk, low-fat yogurt, and low-fat cheese. Oils make sure to take in moderation and only use vegetable oils like olive oil and sunflower oil.

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