How do we need to eat antioxidants?

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To understand the concept of eating foods rich in antioxidants we must first learn about free radicals. We...

Cell Death

Why and how do cell die?

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Well, cells are much like us although a single unit of us and nevertheless die like us. They...

Dr. Now

Dr. Nowzaradan Diet Plan & Weight Loss Plan

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The Houston based surgeon Dr. Nowzaradan a.k.a. Dr. Now is an Iranian-American surgeon, TV personality, and author. The surgeon...

Corona Virus

How to identify people with 2019 Novel Corona virus (2019 nCoV)

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The signs and symptoms of people infected with corona Virus (2019 nCoV) are no different than those with...

corona virus

Why Novel Coronavirus is called so?

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Before 2020 the name Corona would remind us of a chilled beer made in Mexico reminding us of...


Why do we age? And the cancer cell donor

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Everything we are to be in terms of how do we look and how our bodily functions will...

Losing 8kgs in a Week: A Basic Diet Routine for Weight Loss

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By now you have probably read many of our guides to health and fitness. Today we have something...

chair exercises

Exercises You Can Do In Your Chair To Get Rid Of That Fat Belly

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Health and Fitness of our readers has always been our concern. With that in mind, we have come...


Pulmonologist and Everything you need to know

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In the simplest of terms, Pulmonologists are the doctors of internal medicine who specialize in diseases and conditions...

human brain

Human Anatomy: Superior Colliculus and its Functionalities

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Superior Colliculus is one one of the anterior pair of round eminences of the midbrain. One of its...

weight loss

Weight Loss Cheats With These Simple Food Swaps

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For many years now, calories have been the true enemy for people wanting to lose weights. It is,...

healthy snacks

25 Best Healthy Snacks for Weight Loss: Healthy but a Tasty Diet

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Whilst most of us are trying to embrace a healthy lifestyle and a diet to lose weight, it...