Losing 8kgs in a Week: A Basic Diet Routine for Weight Loss


By now you have probably read many of our guides to health and fitness. Today we have something new that you can try out for a week. It is definitely not a difficult routine but if the diet plans are applied to perfection, be sure to see a drastic change in you and your body. Whatever be the reason behind you trying to lose weight, rest assured, you have come to the right place.

Fitness and Weight Loss has been one of the biggest concerns in modern years. We are so occupied by our lives that we have stopped taking proper care of our body. Forget about exercising, we are not ever trying to eat healthy. However, we do have a day-day plan that can hopefully bring forth a drastic change in your health. At the end of the day, what can possibly be more important?

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Caption: Your path to weight loss.
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Day One


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This is probably the most important and the easiest days for this routine. People are usually more determined on the first day and they stop continuing the whole plan. It is, however, not at all difficult if you actually intend to make a difference in your body. As per nutritionists, the first day should always be an “all fruit day”.

Now we will just leave it up to your imaginations. You can be creative, mix and match, and basically eat anything your heart desires. However, make sure that you avoid bananas for this particular day and try watermelons and cantaloupe. Drinking over 8 glasses of water is also incredibly important for the first day. Finally, this day is just about fruits and water, and no other food.

Day Two


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A day full of only fruits can be a bit confusing for your body, but it is stepping towards the right directions. For this day, you are to consume only vegetables. Be it raw, cooked, or boiled, you can just eat anything that your heart desires. Just make sure that if you are to cook it, do not use oil.

We suggest you try boiled veggies which is always a good option. Whilst it completely depends upon you, vegetables like raw/cooked carrots, broccoli, cabbage, cooked beans will be extremely beneficial for you. However, do prepare yourselves for frequent visits to the restroom because of the overhaul in your digestive system. Make sure you follow the same water intake for this day too.

Day Three

fruits and vegetables

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You might have already guessed the dietary plan for this day. It is indeed a mix of both fruits and veggies. However, do not consume potatoes and bananas just stick to the same routine. While you can do as you please, we suggest you go with veggies in the afternoon and a fruit diet at night.

It is again all up to you to run the permutations and combinations of consuming these fruits and veggies. At this point, you might be starting to feel a bit different. As your body is not used to this, it will respond in a weird manner, but things are indeed getting better.

Day Four

milk and bananas

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If you have been waiting to consume bananas for a while now, it is your day. Do not blame us if you get tired of these potassium-rich fruits by the end of the day. For this day, you will have to intake at least 8 bananas. Moreover, you are allowed to drink three glasses of milk.

This has been a method for people who are looking to lose weight in the fastest way possible. People often believe that this plan can make you feel hungry but on the contrary, you will feel quite full. Do divide the food content within several hours to make sure you do not starve.

Day Five

rice and tomatoes

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This is the first time in your dietary plan that will make sure you are feasting. You can have a cup of rice for lunch but this goes together with six to seven tomatoes throughout the day.

With the large intake of tomatoes, there does remain a possibility for your body to produce a lot of uric acid. So for this day, be sure to increase your water intake from 12 glasses to 15 glasses for this particular day.

Day Six

rice and veggies

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You can also can this day a feast as it involves a cup of rice in the afternoon. This will certainly help you feel a bit full. This diet will help you better prepare yourself for the final day of this routine.

After a cup of rice for your lunch, you will also be going into the vegetable diet for the rest of the day. We just cannot stress enough how important the role of water is in this plan. Not only will your body start feeling better, but you will also feel quite lighter to buy the end of the day.

Day Seven

rice, veggies and fruits

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Finally, this is what you have probably been waiting for since the start of the routine. It is a fully-fetched feast relative to early days. You are allowed to take a cup of rice, fruits, and veggies. It is probably one of the most enjoyable feelings to have your taste-buds feel many sensations.

If you have followed the plan, there is no doubt that you are going to see changes in your body. Whilst the amount of weight loss completely depends upon the metabolism of a person, you are certain to see a change within yourself. This diet can, however, be followed only once in a month.

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