Exercises You Can Do In Your Chair To Get Rid Of That Fat Belly

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Health and Fitness of our readers has always been our concern. With that in mind, we have come up with a few ways to help you get in better shape. In recent years, people have been spending way too much time in their chairs staring at computers, and what not. Evidently, this is not the most amazing of practices. The human body does not do well with too much sitting, you have just got to do more stretching.

After some intensive research, we have come up with 5 exercises that you can do in your chair. Not only will these exercises make you physically active, but rest assured, you will also be able to get rid of a large belly. We would ask you to sit back and relax while reading this, but maybe you have just got to move more.

Exercise 1: Touch the Floor

floor touch

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This might be one of the easiest exercises that you can do whilst on a chair. Seriously, how easy can it get? You can just keep your position in the chair and start working out. To begin with, place your feet flat on the floor and in front of you. Then slightly open and stretch your arms out to the side. Now, lean forward and without bending your elbow, bring one hand down to the opposite foot. Keep repeating this with alternating sides and whilst it will take you a while to see any difference, it is indeed a good start.

Exercise 2: Chair Lift

chair lift

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First, make sure that you are not in a chair with a wheel. If it is a wheelchair, you can press it against the wall to keep it from moving. Now that you are stable, place your arms on either side of the armrests. Next, lift your body up off the chair and be sure to use your abdominal muscles to pull your knees up and inward. Keep holding yourself in this position for quite some time and not only will you see changes in your belly, but also your arms start getting stronger.

Exercise 3: Knee Raise with Twist

knee raise

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Start by sitting up straight and then place your feet in front of you. Then, raise your hands so that they touch the sides of your head. For the next step, you will be required to lift your knee while touching the opposing elbow. You will undoubtedly start feeling pressure in your lower abdominal muscles and it is a good thing when you are looking to lose weight.

Exercise 4: Oblique Double Knee Raise

oblique double knee raise

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Whilst this exercise is pretty similar to the double knee raise, it does differ as you will be leaning on one buttock. As you might have guessed, this exercise will directly influence your lower abdomen. One of the key points in all these exercises is repetition. Keep doing this until you start to feel your abdomen burning.

Exercise 5: Double Knee Raise

double knee raise

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Finally, this exercise will help you move your entire abdominal region. Start by placing your arms on the armrests of the chair. Then lift both knees to your chest. However, make sure not to support your knees. Your abs should be in charge of bringing your knees to the chest.

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