Why Novel Coronavirus is called so?

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corona beer and corona virus

Before 2020 the name Corona would remind us of a chilled beer made in Mexico reminding us of a lazy day at the beach but it has been completely overthrown by the terror of Coronavirus. The name is derived from the Latin word corona, meaning crown. Under electron microscopy, the virus appears crown-like due to small bulbar projections formed by the viral spike.

Although Corona beer has been sold since 1925, this virus has been known only since last December. The family of the virus has been identified since the 1960s but this strain of the virus has been discovered for the first time in 2019, hence it is called the 2019 novel coronavirus. New subtypes of new viruses discovered are called a novel. These may form as a result of mutation of already known viruses. 2019 Novel Coronavirus is suspected to be a mutated form of SARS-like coronavirus isolated from bats from 2015 to 2017. Keep following for more information.


microscope corona virus