Lindsay Mills Net Worth, Personal Life, Career, Boyfriend, Biography

Profession: Singers/Bands Date of birth: Aug 02, 1986 Age: 32 Net worth: 2 Hundred Thousand Birth Place: Height (m): 1.73 Religion: Christianity Relationship Status: In Relationship

Lindsay Mills is a professional dancer and a model who throughout the years has been amazing her fans with her flawless dancing talent. She, however, is more known for being the girlfriend of the famous Edward Snowden. Snowden caught the attention of the world after leaking the confidential information about US government. He was later given an asylum in Russia and is living with Linsday in Moscow.

After the leak, everyone was focusing on Edward and his girlfriend Mills. Investigations took place and Snowden was nowhere to be found so Mills was the obvious target. Later, Mills traveled to Moscow to be with her 8 years long love and now the two seem to be leading a happy life. However, Edward and Lindsay hope to be forgiven and get back to the US at some point. Let us now get to know more about Lindsay Mills.

Lindsay Mills: Early Life, Education, and Career

Lindsay Mills was born on the 20th of February in 1985. Very little is known about Mills early life as she only came to fame after Snowden’s offense of stealing the government’s property. But she was already a minor celebrity before her boyfriend’s ‘act of treason’. Lindsay has been an extremely talented name in performance art. She has been dancing professionally for many years now and is also a pole dancer and an acrobat.

For her education, Mills attended the Laurel High School in Maryland and right after graduating from her high school, she went on to grab herself a degree from Maryland Institute College of Art; she graduated from the institute in the year 2007.

She after moving to Hawaii with Snowden was working as a performer at a local bar. Mills later became a subject of questioning for the CIA when the documents were leaked by Snowden. However, Snowden had not disclosed any of his plans to Mills so she did not have anything to say to the investigators.

Lindsay Mills: Personal Life

Lindsay and Edward are first believed to have met in Maryland, North Carolina. They began dating in the year 2009 and were madly in love with each other. Just within three years of first meeting each other, they moved to Oahu, an island in Hawaii. They had to relocate because of Snowden’s job at Booz Allen Hamilton to work as a system analyst for the National Security Agency.

Mills was a big lover of traveling and exploring herself, and Hawaii was the perfect place for her. She during her time in Hawaii became the proud member of ‘Waikiki Acrobatic Troupe’. For them, she performed once every month at a local bar amongst many tourists.

After the leak, she had to go through relentless questions about Edward’s whereabouts by reporters and investigators alike. She was not aware of what had happened at the time but later after finding that he was at an asylum in Russia, she went there to be with him.

Mills came out in public for the first time in the year 2015. It was at the Academy Awards that she went upstage with the maker of Citizenfour, Laura Poitras. The documentary went on to receive the Oscars for Best Documentary Feature.

Lindsay Mills: Social Networking

Lindsay was a famous blogger who used to write about her day-day life and cover events that she found interesting. She, however, deleted her blog entries after Snowden was found out to have leaked important government files. But Mills came back to blogging in 2017 and began posting again. She is also active on Instagram where she frequently posts pictures alongside her boyfriend. Mills has almost 40k followers on the platform and goes by the handle lsjourney. She also seems to love to travel and in June of 2017, she did some solo traveling to Iceland and Poland.