Ashley Thompson Manning net worth husband personal life career and bio

Profession: Entrepreneur
Date of birth: Dec 02, 1974
Age: 47
Net worth: 20 Million
Birth Place: Memphis, Tennessee
Height (m): 1.64M
Religion: Christianity
Relationship Status: Married

Ashley Thompson manning is an American entrepreneur and a realtor, who has extensive knowledge of marketing. Apart from that she is well known as the wife of former American player Peyton Manning who was accused of possessing drugs and selling it.

Manning is not only a businesswoman but also works for social welfare. She was involved in many charity programs. she used to participate in community programs together with her family members. She was the first runner-up in Miss Mississipi pageant. she is the winner of Colgate country showdown 2003. Can see, Arianna Huffington net worth

Ashley Thompson manning: early life, career, and education.

Ashley Thompson Manning was born on December 2, 1974, in Memphis, Tennessee. Her birth name was Louis Ashley Thompson and her father was an investment banker as well as a commercial real estate developer and mother was a homemaker. Apart from her parents, Ashley has an older sister Allison, a younger brother Will and younger sister Leigh.

Ashley was an active kid, as she used to participate in charity programs that were organized by her school. In 1997, she graduated in finance and marketing with a degree. At present, she owns the “payback foundation” which aims for providing opportunities for young men and women and apart from this, she has also involved in many charity communities. After graduation, she started her career in real estate which helped her to get knowledge in the field. Later on, she established a real estate development company which promotes the development of downtown residential properties.

Ashley Thompson Manning: personal life and husband

Ashley and Peyton were introduced by her parent’s next door neighbor in 1993.  After that, they started dating and spend time together. After being in a relationship for almost 8 years the lovebirds tied their knot together in 17th March 2001. On March 31, 2011, they welcomed their twins Marshall Williams (son) and Mosley Thompson (daughter).

Ashley Thompson’s husband Peyton Manning is a well-known sports star who plays American football. Peyton has had the opportunity to play in more than 18 seasons in the game.

Ashley Thompson Manning: rumors and controversies

The manning couple had been in limelight for the news of possessing and dealing of drugs.  According to the documentary by” Al Jazeera”, Peyton was involved in buying and selling the drugs. He had used Ashley’s name while conducting the whole process. This case is still open and been waiting for the verdict. There was an online rumor that says Peyton and  Ashley had cheated each other. They even had an open marriage relationship. Therefore, there was no evidence for such rumors.

Ashley Thompson manning net worth, lifestyle, cars, and mansions

Ashley who is an American businesswoman and an activist started to work at an early age. However, she started earning mainly after her graduation. This talented lady has certainly made it big and has been able to accumulate quite a net worth for herself. Her net worth is estimated to be $20 million. However, her husband Peyton’s net worth is estimated to be almost $200 million.

With such a huge net worth the Manning family is certainly living a luxurious life will all the amenities that a multimillionaire can have. Ashley also indulges herself in fancy clothes by some of the famous designers from Milan. Apart from her fancy designer clothes she has also quite a passion for cars which we can clearly see in her garage. Some of the luxury/ sports cars that Ashley Thompson Manning owns are from manufacturers like  Range Rover, Bentley and so on.

Ashley and her husband Peyton also owns a number of bungalows and mansions which are scattered all over the country.