Bakhar Nabieva Bio, Age, Height, Career, Personal Life, Net Worth

Profession: Models
Date of birth: Apr 08, 1994
Age: 27
Net worth: 250 Hundred Thousand
Birth Place: Baku
Height (m): 1.57
Religion: Christianity
Relationship Status: Married

Bakhar Nabieva is a famous professional bodybuilder and a model from Azerbaijan who came to fame for her amazing physique. Growing up, Nabieva was bullied by her classmates for her skinny body but as a determined young lady, she kept on pushing herself to get to this shape.

Throughout the years, this model has been working out her muscles to accuracy which brought her to her current glory. Because of her built, Bakhar is now known as “Miss Iron Bum”. Let us now get to know a bit more about this amazing lady, shall we?

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Bakhar Nabieva: Early Life and Education

Bakhar Nabieva was born on the 8th of April, 1994, in Baku, Azerbaijan. Growing up, Nabieva was not among the fittest of kids and had become a victim of bullying. She, however, was a determined child who would go to any lengths to prove herself. Moreover, her parents were also fully supportive of Bakhar and her life choices.

Bakhar suffered some of the harshest forms of bullying whilst in school. Her classmates would make fun of her for her body and this traumatized the young child. Despite all that she was going through, Nabieva joined the gym and began training. She also started reading various fitness magazines and this pushed her to work harder every single day.

Bakhar Nabieva: Career

Later after getting into amazing shape, Bakhar took part in a bikini fitness contest. She, however, lost her interest in the competition because of its strict diet routines. Bakhar saw these intensive diet plans as punishments and got tired of them. She then took to social networking platforms like Instagram and Facebook to reach out to more people like her. Nabieva began posting pictures and videos of her workout, and photoshoots which were extremely inspiring to many.

Bakhar is now one of the most famous Instagram models and has a massive fan following. Her work has gone on to be recognized by fitness brands and this has landed her several roles in the covers of magazines. Bakhar is also famous for endorsing products through her social media platforms.

Bakhar Nabieva: Personal Life

There is not a lot we have to share regarding the personal life of Bakhar Nabieva. She has been extremely private about her life and tries to avoid media in most circumstances. In 2017, she did post a picture of a family with a well-built man and a woman with the caption, “family goals”. Evidently, she does want to be part of something like that in the future, but as things stand, Bakhar is believed to be a single lady.

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Bakhar has also been a career-oriented lady and wants to reach to the top of this industry. She is not looking for anything to distract her in the present. She has also been influenced by Brazilian models and wants to achieve thicker bodies with a sexy figure.

Bakhar Nabieva: Net Worth and Social Media

For someone who came into the fashion industry so late, Bakhar has evidently been able to find a place for herself. She is now considered one of the top names on Instagram and is continuously growing. Nabieva keeps landing modeling gigs, endorsements, training routines and these pay her very well. As per our understanding, this beautiful model has a net worth of $250,000 and is sure to make a lot more in the years to come.

Evidently, Bakhar is active on social networking platforms and is incredibly famous among her fans. She likes to post pictures showcasing her wonderful body, life, etc. You can find her on Instagram where she goes by the handle @bakharnabieva.

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