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Heidi Russo who is recognized as the biological mother of the NFL star Colin Kaepernick. Kaepernick has been adopted by Mr. and Ms. Kaepernick while Russo couldn’t afford to take care of him. Now, she has been desperately wanting to be with him when Colin has established himself as a football quarterback star.

However, the quarterback does not seem to be wanting or having any connection with her. Meanwhile, his biological mother looks for the limelight and stalks him on different social media platforms, to know her feeling towards his son.

Biological mother

Caption: Heidi Russo, the biological mother of Colin Kaepernick
Source: Youtube

Heidi Russo: Bio & Personal Life

Heidi was born during the year 1968 in the United States of America. However, she has not revealed most of her personal information. We came to know that she works as a nurse according to her social media handle. Further, she is the co-founder of an advocacy group ‘Linked Thru Love’. This group aims to advocate against the stereotypes of adoption and birthmothers.

Quick Facts To Know About Heidi Russo

Rise To Fame

She came in the limelight after Russo started to have contact with Colin Kaepernick. Yes, former football quarterback player who played for the 49ers’ and also an activist. He had built up controversy on 2016 season when he was noticed opposing the tradition of standing during the playing of ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’. For this incident, Russo even criticized him on social media, Twitter. Further, she said to be smarter and wiser while dealing the sensitive issues in the future. For this criticism, some supported her while others backlash her for rebuking Colin on a social platform.

Russo Gave Birth & Adoption of her Son

She gave birth to Russo on 3 November 1987, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the U.S. She was just 19 and not married at the time of Colin birth. His father was an Afro-American who left Russo alone to be a single mother. She has revealed that she spent a lot of time thinking about raising or give up him for adoption before his birth.

It is also a little difficult for a teenager back then to raise a child whose father has abandoned and walked out of a picture. So, after many thought, finally, she decided to give him for adoption. Later, she has introduced to Teresa Kaepernick and her husband whose two sons died because of heart defects. And they decide to adopt the child. Additionally, Kaepersons already had two children: Kyle and Deon.

She desperately wants to have a relationship with Colin

Since the adoption of her son, though she didn’t meet up with his son, she reveals that Russo was always been in contact with the family. Further, the family kept on sending his pictures until seven when they lost contact with each other.

But she states that she has never regretted giving him for adoption. Additionally, she says that she would never fulfill the needs and can’t give the position where he is now. She says that it was her best decision. But now, she seems to be little desperate to be with him.

Married, Husband, And other Kids

After giving away his son to adoption, she moved on married to her husband, Heath Russo. With whom, she has other three kids: Michael, Ethan, and Alex. Currently, she lives in Denver, Colorado, the US along with her family.

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