Kevin Selleck Bio, Age, Height, Awards, Wife & Net Worth

Profession: Singers/Bands
Date of birth:
Net worth: 18 Million
Birth Place:
Height (m): 1.9
Religion: Christianity
Relationship Status: Married

Kevin Selleck is a familiar name in Hollywood who found fame for being the stepson of veteran Hollywood actor Tom Selleck. Kevin first came into the eyes of the public when Tom adopted him. He has gone on to make appearances in many TV series like Magnum, P.I. and Scream 2.

You might also be able to remember Selleck as the ex-band member of Tonic. Tonic is an American rock band, formed in 1993. To start with the band had  Emerson Hart and Jeff Russo and was soon followed by names like Dan Lavery and Kevin. Let us now get to know a bit more about Selleck.

kevin selleck

Caption: A younger Kevin Selleck.

Kevin Selleck: Early Life and Education

Kevin Selleck was born in 1966 as Kevin S. Shepard to a former American model/actress Jacquelin Ray and father Shepard. Kevin did not have the easiest of starts to his life as his parents split up when he was very young. His mother then went on to start dating the famous Hollywood actor Tom Selleck. The pair got married in 1970 and Tom adopted the little Kevin and raised him as one of his own.

However, the newly wedded pair soon got divorced in 1982. His birth mother went on to marry a new man, Clarence Barry Witmer in 1992. She soon gave birth to Kevin’s new half-sister, Umeko whereas, like Jacquelin, Tom too got married to the British actress Jillie Mack; this relationship gave birth to Kevin’s step-sister, Hannah Margaret Selleck. Now looking at his academics, Kevin went to the University of Southern California to pursue a career as a volleyball player.

Kevin Selleck: Career and Net Worth

Sometime around 1993, Kevin joined the American rock band Tonic where he was the drummer for the group. The band had other famous names like Emerson Hart, Jeff Russo, Dan Rothchild, and Dan Lavery. After 3 years of formation, the band released their debut album Lemon Parade. Next year, they released the single, “If You Could Only See”. The single went on to grasp the no. 11 spot on the Billboard Airplay Hot 100. Soon after, Selleck fought with one of the band members and eventually quit the band citing family reasons.

Unlike his step-father, Kevin has been struggling to uplift his career. Despite several attempts, he has not been able to successfully convert his attempts into a long-lasting career. He has, however, not been the one to stop trying and has made several appearances in TV series like P.I. and Scream 2. He also worked for different bands after Tonic but without any success. We have very little information regarding his net worth but as per reports, it is somewhere around $18 million. On the other hand, his step-father has a net worth of $45 million, making over $150k per episode.

Kevin Selleck: Personal Life

When he was around 22, Kevin got addicted to drinking. Adding to the injury, his credit card company filed a case against him after he was due $6,000. His father, Tom did his very best to get Kevin back on track and due to his continuous efforts, Kevin got better. Selleck has also had a lot of family issues. His birth mother made the headlines in 2014 when she hired a hitman to kill her daughter and Kevin’s half sister’s husband and she is serving her 18-year jail term.

Now coming to his love life, Kevin is married to Annabelle Selleck. The couple has done their best to keep their personal affairs away from the media, and they have succeeded for the most part. However, the two do share 6 children. Kevin has been a changed man and is doing his very best to look after his family.