Min Kyung Hoon Bio, Girlfriend, Married and Net Worth

Profession: Singers/Bands
Date of birth: Oct 06, 1984
Age: 35
Net worth:
Birth Place: Seoul
Height (m): 1.8
Religion: Christianity
Relationship Status: Single

It does not take much time for a rumor to spread in South Korea. Well, Min Kyung Hoon’s case proved the fact. He is a South Korean singer who is popular not only in Korea but in Asia as a whole. Girls, especially, go crazy for Korean men who can act well and sing beautifully.

If you are one of them and want to know more about Min Kyun Hoon, you landed on the right place. Want to know what rumor we were talking about? Well for that you have to read the whole article.

Min Kyung Hoon Bio and Early Life

Min Kyung Hoon was born on 6th October 1984 in South Korea. From a very young age, he had an interest in living the lifestyle of a celebrity. He enjoyed entertaining others but he never aspired to be a singer someday. However, his reality came out to be the complete opposite. There is hardly anyone (fan of Korean celebrity) who have not heard of the rock bank Buzz, of which, Hoon is the lead singer.

Once he completed his high school, he started noticing his singing ability and his peers kept on forcing him to go on an audition. He finally agreed to them and attended AYON Entertainment for an audition which changed his life. The company offered him a contract and he soon left his college and went on to be a full-time singer.

Did Min Kyung Hoon get Married? Know about his Girlfriend or Wife

Well, the rumor we were talking about earlier lies in this section. Min Kyung-hoon and Kim Heechul are very good friends. They are not only the partners of the duo Universe Coward but also best friends in real life as well. But the rumor has it that they are a couple. It all started when Min posted a video on SNS where Kim says, ‘I am Min Kyung Hoon’s Girlfriend’.

Well, this video is clearly a prank because the boys are seen having fun with the joke. Having said that, the rumor is completely false and Min Kyung Hoon is neither dating Kim nor married to him. Hence, Min, who was once called the most beautiful man in Korea, is currently single.

What is Min Kyung Hoon’s Net Worth? His Career Insights

With his alarming career, Min Kyung Hoon has an estimated net worth of around $500 – $800 thousand as of 2019. He has had a lot of setbacks in her career, which even led him to depression one time. But despite the failures, he has now become a successful persona in today’s era.

Min Kyung Hoon’s Failure in Career and Depression

In order to pursue a full-time career in singing, Hoon gave up his studies in 2002. His contract with AYON led him to the band, Buzz in which his debut single was Morning of Buzz (11th October 2003). The band soon became a success all over the country with albums like Coward and Thorn. However, in 2007, they were forced to shut the band down. The reason behind it was the compulsion of military service in South Korea.

Nevertheless, Min continued singing as his age hadn’t reached the point of mandatory service. Sadly, his solo career didn’t reach even half the success of the band. He released two more albums but all he faced was a failure. This led him to depression and even gained weight because of it.

Later, with the help of his best friend, Kim Heechul, he came back to to the studio. The first song they released after that was I love you which was influenced by Hoon’s depression. Again, as he reached the age, 21, he joined the military service for about 21 months. In 2014, he again came back to rejoin Buzz which is now continuing to become a massive success.


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