Mitch Grassi Net Worth, Personal Life, Career, Girlfriend, Biography

Profession: Singers/Bands
Date of birth: Jul 24, 1992
Age: 28
Net worth: 8 Million
Birth Place: Arlington, Texas
Height (m): 1.77m
Religion: Christianity
Relationship Status: In Relationship

Mitch Grassi is a famous American singer, songwriter and a Youtuber. He found his fame after joining as the youngest member of the A Cappella band ‘Pentatonix’. The band is well-known for providing vocal music without the use of instruments and is from Arlington Texas. It consists of 5 members- Scott Hoying, Kristin Maldonado, Avi Kaplan, Kevin Olusola and Mitch himself.

The YouTube channel of Petatonix consists of over 12 million subscribers and has a whopping 2 million views. Mitch along with his band members have won the prestigious Grammy three times. Grassi throughout the years has been participating in different talent shows like Teen Talent Follies. The young boy who enjoyed performing at states and taking part in musical theatres from a young age won the talent show too. Mitch has a voice that spans six octaves with one tole from A1 to B7 and is a counter-tenor. Let us now get to know more about this talent.

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Mitch Grassi: Early Life and Education

Mitchell Coby Michael was born on the 24th of July, 1992 in Arlington, Texas. He was born to parents Mike and Nel Grassi and has an older sister. He is of American nationality and has Italian, Scottish, Irish and Welsh ancestry. For his education, Mitch went to Martin High School where he met Scott Hoying and together they took parts in the play ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’.

Mitch started developing a penchant for theatre from a relatively early age and soon realized his gift in music. He was completely absorbed by the beauty and vastness of the world of theatre and music. Next, Grassi met Kristin Maldonado in elementary school at the age of 8 and two years later Mitch alongside Kristen and Scott formed their own vocal group and called it ‘The Trio’.

They posted a cover of Lady Gaga’s ‘The Telephone’ on YouTube for a radio contest. Their creation of Pentatonix was greatly influenced by them being together in a choir while they were at their high school. The trio started gaining fame and a different recognition in their school. Grassi was extremely close with Scott who was his closest friend from early school days. The two of them were so close that they owned a cat together and named it ‘Wyatt Blue Grassi-Hoying’.

Mitch Grassi: Career

Mitch Grassi has been carving a career for himself in the world of music ever since an early age. He has been performing since his schooling days and his group created a unique combination of different genres of music. He was always fond of electronic music and that is exactly what he started applying to his music.

In the year 2011, Petatonix grew to 5 members with his equal to the number of notes a pentatonic scale has. Grassi became one of the lead singers in the group and apart from Kevin and Avi who cover the rhythm section, all of them are vocalists. They sometimes switch roles but mostly stick to their own routine. The group has been performing Pop, R&B, and Soul music and in 2011, they won ‘The Sing-Off’ and made $200,000 and got a recording contract with Sony Music.

Pentatonix released their debut album 2012, and in the same year their holiday album ‘That’s Christmas to Me’ went Gold and then Platinum. Mitch and the band had problems with their contract with Sony and it did not last long. Fortunately, they found their home on YouTube. On the platform, their covers like ‘Evolution of Miley Cyrus’, ‘Frozen Medley Feat’ and ‘Beyonce’ have earned them more than 14 million views each.

Mitch had his career reach a new height when he with his band moved to Los Angeles. They are currently working on a new album and practicing dance moves for the megahit ‘Gangnam Style’.

Mitch Grassi: Personal Life

Grassi is openly gay and uses both his masculine and feminine sides. He believes in today’s world being gay has more advantages rather than disadvantages. He also has amazing fans who are accepting of the way he is and that makes Mitch feel a personal connection to them. Grassi is a total music nerd and was dubbed as the prettiest voice ever heard by Shawn Stockman.

Mitch Grassi was involved for a while and engaged to Travis Bush. However, their relationship had to end and Mitch now is single. There have been talks about his secret marriage but at the end of the day, it is just a rumor. Grassi is also believed to retire soon from the world of music has accomplished only a few have managed to do. Many think he will be off to a different creative line when and if he retires.

Mitch Grassi: Net Worth

Grassi is an amazing singer and he has been doing things, people, his age can only dream about. At 26, Mitch is believed to have a net worth of $8 million and for the most part, he makes his fortune from his musical career. He has been an active member in the A Capella group Pentatonix, who cover songs.

Currently, Mitch Grassi has his own famous YouTube channel which is named ‘sup3rfruit’ which has over 2.5 million subscribers and has a viewing count of 375 million. Grassi is also active on Instagram and has over 935k followers to his name.