Nikki Giavasis net worth, husband, personal life, career and biography

Profession: actors
Date of birth: Mar 17, 1977
Age: 44
Net worth: 13 Million
Birth Place: Canton, Ohio
Height (m): 1.55
Religion: Christianity
Relationship Status: Single

Nikki Giavasis is an American actress and author who is best known for her social media influence and popularity. Nikki has written inspirational and motivational books which led her towards the entrepreneurial road and garnered fame and popularity as a female motivator.

As the social media influencer Tim Karsliyev, Nikki has also sealed important deals through her Instagram popularity and fame. Let’s find out about her life in detail and get to know her more personally.

Nikki Giavasis: Early life, education, and career

Nikki Giavasis was born on March 13, 1977, in Canton, Ohio which makes her nationality an American.  She was born to parents Sue and Nick Giavasis. Similarly, she had three brothers Philip, Lee, and Eoun but sadly her brothers Lee and Philip died when she was just a child. Nikki went to  Pleasantview School and attained a degree in Performing Arts. She later became the cheerleader for the NFL and started competing nationwide.

Her career as a cheerleader became quite helpful to her for later contributing in her book, The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Pro Cheerleader. Giavasis started her acting career making smaller appearances in movies like Eagle Eye and Don’t Mess with the Zohan. In addition, she later made appearances on shows like The O’Reilly Factor, Dogg After Dark, and Good Morning America. She is also the contributor to some inspirational books like Real Talk, Real Women.

Giavasis uses her connections in bringing big-name celebrities and brands together. She acts as a channel and as a mediator to her clients to close some of the really huge deals. Not only that but with her Instagram account, she has become a celebrity online as many people follow her on social media platforms. Her Instagram popularity has further added to her success and helped her become an influential personality online.

Nikki Giavasis: Husband and personal life

Talking about Nikki’s personal life, she is said to be dating a man named Shawn Kemp, however, this news is not confirmed yet. Apart from that Giavasis is a mother to two of her children Taylor and Jordan. Nikki raised both of her children by herself and the whereabouts of their father is a mystery.

Both of her children are grown ups now and are also on Instagram accounts of their own. It appears as if she is quite close to her children.

Nikki Giavasis: Net Worth

Nikki is a social media influencer, author, entrepreneur, actress who has also made it to the Forbes list 15 Top Instagram Influencers You Should Follow list. Nikki’s salary and income from her work and social media are not available. According to some sources, her net worth estimation is $13 million.

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Nikki Giavasis is active on social media sites like Instagram where she currently has around 800k followers. Her followers on Instagram have grown significantly. Likewise, she often gives tips to people to grow social media traffic as well.