Sonni Pacheco Bio, Age, Height, Spouse and Net Worth

Date of birth:
Net worth: 2.3 Million
Birth Place: Pitt Meadows, BC
Height (m): 1.73
Religion: Christianity
Relationship Status: Divorced

People gain fame for various reasons. Some come out as an outstanding actor, and the other is known for extraordinary dancing moves. Well, today we are going to talk about someone who gained fame after getting married a top Hollywood star, Jeremy Renner. She is none other than Sonni Pacheco.

Her popularity doesn’t only limit to being the wife of a prominent star, but she is also an actress who has appeared in a few movies. Read the article until the end to have in-depth knowledge about the star.

Sonni Pacheco’s Early Life and Career

Sonni Pacheco was born and raised in Pitt Meadows, Canada in 1991. That makes her 28 years of age as of 2019. She grew up with domestic animals that she raised on her parents’ farm. Moreover, she is very tight-lipped when it comes to the details regarding her childhood. Also, Pacheco is neither active on twitter nor on Instagram, which is why it is tough to find out her exact date of birth.

Sonni started her modeling career in Canada and later left for Mexico for her career upliftment. After working in a hotel resort for quite some time, she returned to modeling and was made spokesperson for the Monster Energy Drinks. She also played in the film, ‘American Pie Presents: The Book of Love’ as ‘Splendid Wet T-Shirt Girl’ which was written by John Putch back in 2009.

Who is Sonni Pacheco’s Spouse? Her Relationship with Jeremy Renner

Sonni Pacheco was married to a renowned American actor, Jeremy Renner. The duo’s love story starts back in 2010. They met on a set of, ‘Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol’ which was released a year later. After dating for a couple of years, on 28th March 2013, Sonni gave birth to her first baby daughter with Jeremy. The girl is named Ava Berlin. A year later, the mother-father duo got married in 13th January 2014 in a secret wedding ceremony.

However, the relation between the two couldn’t last for even a year. In December 2014, Sonni filed for divorce and on 28th December 2015, it got finalized. Sonni stated that the reason behind the divorce was their irreconcilable difference, whereas her fans presume that the reason was the huge age gap between the two.

Things went pretty well after the divorce for Sonni, but it was not the same with Jeremy. Pacheco demanded $13,000 every month in child support from her ex-husband and an additional 5% of the excess is he makes more than $2.3 million a year.

The divorce and on top of that, the constant pressure for more money made an impact on his mental and physical health, including the lack of sleep. Currently, Sonni is single and is happily living with her daughter Ava.

Inside of Sonni Pacheco’s Earnings and Net Worth

Sonni Pacheco has a net worth of $2.3 million as of 2019. She makes most of her earnings from the entertainment industry as an actress as well as a model. Moreover, being married and then divorced from a prominent actor of Hollywood has helped boost her earnings as she demanded a portion of Renner’s income.

As of 2019, Jeremy Renner has a net worth of $9 million. Sooni used to live with Jeremy in his $24 million mansions back when they were together. According to her Instagram account which has only 147 followers, she currently works as a realtor as well as a sculpture artist. Hence, she must be making a good sum out of it as well.

What is Sonni Pacheco’s Height? Her Body Measurements

Sonni Pacheco stands at the height of 1.73m (5 feet 8 inches). Her waist size and hip size is 24 inches and 35 inches, respectively. She wears a shoe size of 8 (US), and her dress size is 2 (US).


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