“Stranger Things” Season 3 Release Date Announced

Everyone’s amped up for GOT, yet no one realized that they announced the release date of “Stranger Things” Season 3.

So, you guys ready to go back in time and sense the strangest things you can see this year? Doesn’t make sense I know. However, here’s the whole story

Release Date of “Stranger Things” Season 3

The official Twitter of “Stranger Things” posted a pic on 1st Jan highlighting that the release date of “Stranger Things” season 3 on July 4th. They also confirmed the new poster and stated it would feature eight episodes in total.

We’ll try to explain the poster as we see it. We could see Mike and Eleven holding their hands while Will is glancing back at the camera. And for Dustin, Max, and Lucas, it appears as though they’re gazing up at fireworks of July the 4th. It likewise says, “ONE SUMMER CAN CHANGE EVERYTHING”.

Casting Calls for Female Soldiers and 1980’s Nerds

Back in September, we spotted that the crew wanted 3 female soldiers, 1980’s Nerds (could be both male or female), and 1980’s swimmers.

They also added they wanted people who are new to show. The description furthermore stated the extras would get paid $75 per hour.

Trailer of Stranger Things Season 3

The trailer incorporates 3 pieces. The first would be the countdown for the New Year, the second one would be the PC screen with the highlighted phrasing “When Blue and Yellow Meet in the West”. But the third one is something that we couldn’t comprehend for you guys.

The third clue is the hidden figure tapping out the commands to launch a program called “SilerCatFeeds.exe”. If you haven’t watched the trailer yet, you can see it down below.

Do we know the Villain for Season 3?

Well, we sure do know that new characters are coming to Hawkins, but we don’t really know the official villain. However, a Reddit user believes he figured it out. Though it is not official, we can’t confirm the news in any ways. So, you gotta wait till Jult 4th to find out everything.

So, this might be it, a “Russian Soldier” was featured on the show’s page and he stated the Russian Government could play a big role in the third season. But it hasn’t been confirmed yet so let’s take things with a grain of salt for the time being. But check out the names of the episodes, you might get pieces of information.