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Profession: Miscellaneous
Date of birth:
Net worth: 1 Million
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Height (m):
Religion: Christianity
Relationship Status: Divorced

Teresa Terry is famous as the ex-wife of businessman, producer, and actor from Georgia- Michael Todd Chrisley. Her ex-husband became popular for his reality TV show, “Chrisley Knows Best.” It was about him as a Georgia real estate magnate and his family.

Before getting married to the talented actor, Terry was not the one to be in the spotlight. Evidently, there are no available records regarding her early life, family, education and even career. However, we will try to cover her to the best of our knowledge. Do continue reading to know more about Teresa.

teresa terry

Caption: The former wife of Todd Chrisley, Teresa Terry.
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Teresa Terry: Early Life and Education

As mentioned above, very little is known about the earlier stages of Teresa’s life. Even the internet seems clueless about this lady and the most part of her life. So as of today, information regarding her early life and childhood have not been made available to the public. The beautiful lady is, however, an American by nationality who was born in 1971, South Carolina.

Tood and Teresa get married.

Caption: Todd and Teresa get married.
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As per reports, Terry met Todd while there were in High School in Westminister in South Carolina. Teresa was only 17 at the time and Todd was a senior at 19. Todd was a quite famous kid who used to bring friends over to his place on weekends and Teresa began attending these gatherings and the two got more close as time went by.

Teresa Terry: Relationship with Todd

These close friends later became lovers and began dating. They dated for the next 2 years and Terry got pregnant with Todd’s first child. Realizing it was the right thing to do, Todd then decided to get married to this woman that he loved. Terry also gave birth to a daughter Lindsie Michael Todd Chrisley and 15 months later they gave birth to a second child, a son- Kyle Chrisley.

Teresa and Todd with their children.

Caption: Teresa and Todd with their children.
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Terry’s pregnancy was the pivotal point in their relationship and even she later said that they would not have married if she was not pregnant. The ceremony was a small one and in presence of 6 attendants, on both sides. During her first pregnancy, Teresa was not doing very well and Todd was extremely worried for her but as she encounters Chrisley changed a lot after the birth of their second child.

Teresa Terry: Abuse

Terry later talked about the trouble she had to go through when she was married to Todd. According to her, Todd became a control freak after her second pregnancy who got constantly irritated. He even tried to control Teresa’s hairdo and being constantly corrected by the man that you loved was understandably tiresome for her.

Terry later filed against Todd for conducting a campaign of mental abuse. And it was not just that, he was battering Teresa on multiple occasions. One of these occasions stands out where Chrisley kept battering her with a closed fist after she was stripped naked. There have even been allegations suggesting that he threatened to kill Teresa with a knife on his hand. Finally getting enough of him, Teresa filed for divorce in 1994 and the two separated soon.

Teresa Terry: Net Worth

Today, Teresa is married to a different man and has 2 children. The family resides in Oklahoma and she has found peace with her new partner. She has also made a pretty good amount of sum from her career. As per estimations, she has a net worth of $1 million. There is also a huge divorce settlement fee that Todd seemingly paid to Terry which hasn’t been disclosed yet.

Terry is finally living the life that she deserves even though it is with a different man. She is not the one who cares about fame so she is not available on social media too. We do respect her choices and hope the best for Teresa.