Timmy Thick Net Worth, Personal Life, Career, Fame, Biography

Profession: Miscellaneous
Date of birth: Aug 21, 2002
Age: 19
Net worth: 0.3 Hundred Thousand
Birth Place: New York City, NY
Height (m): 1.52m
Religion: Christianity
Relationship Status: Single

Timmy Thick is an American internet popularity who came under limelight after posting unusual pictures on platforms like Twitter and Instagram. By now, we have all come to know the power of Instagram and how it can instantly give you all the attention in the world. In this case, the little Timmy found fame after posting videos of himself twerking. Within days, his popularity was reaching heights and he was being followed by a large number of people.

It’s almost funny how social media platforms have become a way for someone like Timmy to showcase his ‘talents.’ Thick even made claims that he was a result of a 24-month long sociological experiment conducted by the reputed Harvard. This has only made his existence more interesting and the world can’t seem to get enough of it. Let us now try to understand this kid a bit more.

Timmy Thick: Early Life and Education

Timmy Thick was born on the 21st of August in 2002. The kid from New York is extremely small and is just 5 feet, although he might grow in the near future. Not a lot is known about Timmy’s family and he likes to keep things that way. There have been speculations about his early life and siblings but these are just theories.

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As per our understanding, Timmy did not have the easiest life in his early years. For his peculiar body, he was bullied by many and he has also had to face harassments. Despite what people think of him, we do have to give him the credit for his determination and courage.

Timmy Thick: Rise to Fame

Timmy rose to fame in 2016 and it was because of the Instagram account. He was posting pictures showcasing his feminine side and as a result, he now has a huge fan base on these platforms. He made over 300,000 followers before Instagram disabled his account. It might not come as a surprise but people were not very fond of his pictures.

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As a result, people began reporting his account multiple times before Instagram was forced to disable it. This did not stop the kid with determination and he was constantly creating new accounts. His every new account was the go-to destination on Instagram for polarizing content.

Thick did not exactly have haters though.  Many people love him for the way he is. These fanboys would even resort to attacking Thick’s haters.

Timmy Thick: Sexuality and Love


Much has been questioned about the sexuality of Timmy. He calls himself a boy but has been posting feminine pictures. According to some reliable reports, Timmy is probably a homosexual. However, as per our understanding, he is not dating anyone.

Timmy Thick: Net Worth


Timmy is still a 16-year-old and found fame within such a short span of time. You can disagree with things that he posts, but he is just being himself and there are many who seem to like it. He uses his social media platforms by monetizing the accounts. As of 2018, he seems to have a net worth of $30,000. A kid of 16, posting pictures for a living; Internet never ceases to surprise us.

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