American Restoration History, Plot, Restorers, Location, Net Worth

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American Restoration is the reality television series that aired on the History Channel. Besides that, the show also called ‘Kings of Restoration’ outside the USA and Canada and produced by ‘Leftfield Pictures’. Since 2010, the reality show has aired its first six seasons and seventh after two years gap. It initially focused on Rick’s restorations business recorded in Las Vegas in repairing vintage items and a makeover to them.

Further, the proprietor, Rick Dale started the show after appearing on the popular show Rick Harrison starrer ‘Pawn Stars’. He has been featured in the show along with his trusted crew and family members taking on big projects and giving them a new makeover. However, the content of the show changed for its seventh season and replaced by other five different businesses. Let us scroll below to know more about the reality show which was all surrounded by dramas and scandals.


Caption: The man presenter and owner of Rick’s Restoration, Rick Dale
Source: History channel

American Restoration: History, Plot, & Location

American Restoration started with the idea through the show’s proprietor Rick Dale. He already had become famous appearing in another show ‘Pawn Stars’. In the show, he would help with a consultant for restoring vintage items. That’s how the show was created and began to focus on the day-to-day activities of his business Rick Restoration. He participated together with his brother Ron Dale, Knowboy, wife Kelly Dale, son Tyler Dale, Brettly Otterman, amongst others.

The show which has featured Rick’s Restoration from season 1-6 is a store located in Las Vegas and has experienced working over 30 years in restoration. His team has worked in restoring vintage items that they received from their customers like vending machines, motorcycles, and gas pumps, etc. The seasons had also included another segment called Rick’s tips related to restoration.

Further, in the show, Rick has also purchased items and had restored them by himself. Moreover, he along with his team has limited to the work that they can easily restore, due to certain considerations such as their financial restrictions. The show not only focused their teamwork but the difficulties that they sometimes encountered while working as a team; mostly affected between Dale and his brother Ron.

After completing the sixth-season, it came as a shock when the channel decided to fire Rick along with his team. Further, the History Channel also came with a decision to feature the show in a different format. Later, the seventh season premiered on 1 January 2016, with episodes of ‘American Restoration’ featuring five different businesses. It involved the projects helmed by Bodie Stroud, Dale Walksler, Andy Bowman Jr., Steve Hale, and Bob Halliday, restoration shops around the country.

American Restoration: Restorers

Talking about the restorers of the American Restoration from Season 1-6, the same cast featured with some celebrity guests. They are:

  1. Rick Dale: The main proprietor of the show who is a metal artist, antique restoration expertise, and owner of the business ‘Rick’s Restoration’.
  2. Kelly Dale: The wife of Rick who also handles the side business of the shop like managing budgets, customer relation, and many more that need to take care related to business.
  3. Tyler Dale: Rick’s son who has been working with his father since the age of two. The show sometimes shows the difficult relationship of the father-son duo like communicating and mocking the styles of his son.
  4. Brettly Otterman: He is the stepson of Rick who provides some of his comic timing in a hectic workplace. He has also impressed his stepdad with his one-time auctioneer skill and a good picker.
  5. Ron Dale: He is the younger brother of Rick who primarily works as a picker and helps his brother to manage the employees.
  6. Knowboy: His real name is Kevin Lowery, an employee who does metal polishing and woodworking in the shop.
  7. Ted Hague: he is the employee who is an expert in hand painting and has experience working for over 25 years. He is also the owner of Las Vegas-based signage and design firm ‘Letter Perfect Incorporated’.

American Restoration crew

Caption: American Restoration crew from season 1-6.
Source: Pinterest

The American restoration also includes other employees like reassembling the dismantle projects Kyle Astorga, Chris who can handle anything in the shop, and Niko, with other members. Season 7 includes the episodes of five different shops from all over the country.

American Restoration: Net worth

Rick Dale has been actively doing his business before it turned out to be a reality show for the History Channel network. The main artist of the show was able to earn a good income from his business as well as from the show. However, the show ‘American Restorations’ has become one of the popular show with maximum viewers. Therefore, according to reliable sources, the series has an estimated net worth to be around $2.5 million.

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