Cryaotic Face Net Worth, Personal Life, Career, Girlfriend, Biography

Profession: Youtubers
Date of birth: Jun 11, 1989
Age: 32
Net worth: 6 Hundred Thousand
Birth Place: New York, NY
Height (m): 1.40 M
Religion: Christianity
Relationship Status: Married

Cryaotic is the 27-year-old YouTube gamer from America famous for his intriguing voice. He frequently posts videos on ‘Let’s Play’ and gives his own version of commentary for games. This star kept himself hidden for a really long time but he was already famous among people who did not even know his name for a long time. But we have upon intense researching sessions have found that his actual name is Ryan. He has showcased his amazing storytelling ability while playing video games and that is precisely what has made him famous.

Cryaotic has over 2.6 million subscribers on YouTube and has been active on platforms like Twitter and Twitch. He has been constantly updating and uploading videos for his fan base on Twitch which is around 394k. He recently launched his very own clothing and bag pack range which seem to be extremely popular among teenagers. Let us now get to know more about this famous gamer.


Caption: Cryaotic streaming on YouTube.


Cryaotic Face: Early Life and Education

Ryan was born on the 11th of June in 1989. The gamer from New York was brought up alongside 2 other siblings. However, very little is known about his family and his early days. His father walked out on his family when Cryaotic was very young. Therefore, he did not have the easiest of years while growing up. It was his mother who struggled to raise Cry and his 2 other siblings all by herself. Later after finding fame, he posted a short clip, contributing to the general trend of drawing one’s life which explained his early years in life.

By the look of things, Cry loves his privacy. There is not any information available about his academic qualifications, his educational background or even his hobbies. Hiding information like these is not the easiest of things to do in the world of internet but he was able to hide all these personal details. And we might have to wait a bit more to even know his name.

Cryaotic Face: Career

Cryaotic came to fame through his YouTube channel which he began in 2006. He has come a long way since then and has over 3 million followers on YouTube with over 2 thousand viewers. His YouTube channel has been able to amass himself over half a billion views.

The best trait of this gaming genius has to be his expertise in storytelling. Cryaotic has an amazing sense of humor and uses this on his stories to produce great content. Throughout the years, he has also collaborated with PewDiePie, another prominent name in YouTube gaming. Appearing alongside PewDiePie was a real bonus for him and this was able to grow his fan base.

The cry has been taking part in the Late Night with Cry and Russ show which the streams on the weekends. The topics for streaming change from time to time but they usually focus on gaming. Cry also invites his friends for the late show including Scott Jund, Snake and Red who is Russ’s girlfriend.

Cryaotic Face: Personal Life

For many years, Cry has been a strong supporter of gay marriage. His Twitter handles consists of a rainbow flag and openly supports any sexual orientation. Cryaotic certainly has a passion for the right to one’s sexual preference and orientation. However, his own sexual orientation is not clear. Many people confuse him for a gay, or a bisexual and this theory amplified when he tweeted that he wanted to get married in a gay biker bar.

These, however, are just theories, and Cryaotic is said to be in a relationship with his girlfriend Cheyenne Avila. The two have been together for many years now. Cryaotic first met Cheyenne when she was 16 and he was 21. Like Cryaotic, Cheyenne supports gay rights and she does not shy away from expressing her support on social media.

Cryaotic Face: Net Worth and Social Media

Cryaotic has been in the gaming and streaming industry for a very long time now. As per our understanding, his net worth is somewhere around $600,000. The genre of games that Ryan usually likes to play is indie, adventure, stealth, and horror. He also has been doing a bit of streaming on his Twitch channel which is sure to pay him well.

As of 2018, Cryaotic’s channel has 2.7 million subscribers and he has over 420 million views. Now to do some calculations, His followers are likely to give him an average of 300,000 views per day. Looking at the trend of earnings of gaming youtubers, these views should generate a revenue of around $450 per day. It is already a large sum and with the ads that come with his videos, he most likely makes around $165,000 a year.

The success for Cryaotic has to come down to the usage of internet in recent years. He has been massively popular and people like seeing a gamer playing and sharing his experiences on platforms like Twitch and YouTube. Cryaotic is also active on social media sites like Twitter. He goes by the handle @CryWasTaken and has over 410k followers on the platform. He, however, was made popular by his YouTube account which has over 2.7 million subscribers and Twitch account which has over 755k subscribers.