Jill Wagner Net Worth, Personal Life, Career, Boyfriend, Biography

Profession: actors, Models
Date of birth: Jan 13, 1979
Age: 43
Net worth: 4.5 Million
Birth Place: Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Height (m): 1.73
Religion: Christianity
Relationship Status: Married

Jill Wagner is a model and an actor from America who is best known for presenting the game show ‘Wipeout’ for ABC Network. She is a graduate in Business Management who went straight to California to pursue modeling. Her career was on a constant rise and she was even able to feature as a spokesperson for Ford Motor Company’s Mercury brand. After her role in the company from 2005 to 2011, she was branded as ‘The Mercury Girl’.

The beauty queen has also been landing roles in Hollywood. She made her debut for the series Pump’d in 2003 and appeared for 6 consecutive episodes. She is a beloved figure in TV and is one of the more influential actresses of her time. Let us now get to know more about this amazing lady.

Jill Wagner: Early Life and Education

Jill Suzanne Wagner was born on the 13th of January in 1979. She comes from the Winston-Salem in North Carolina. She was raised by her father David Wagner for the most part who was in the U.S. Marine. She did not have the easiest start to her childhood as her mother passed away shortly after Jill was born. However, her father did the best he could to play both the roles. She was also looked after by her elder brother and her grandmother.

For her education, Wagner went to the Ledford High School in Wallburg, North Carolina. Jill next joined The North Carolina State University and graduated in 2001 with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management. She also went to the famous ‘Barbizon Modeling and Acting School’. After the completion of her course, she earned the name ‘Miss Barbizon.’

Jill Wagner: Career

Next Jill went to California to pursue her dreams in modeling. The beautiful lady was having a bright start and landed her first job as a cast member in the MTV series Punk’d. The show was created by one of the Hollywood’s finest in Ashton Kutcher. During her time at the show, she made 6 appearances as a ‘Field Agent’ and was also a part of many sketches.

In 2005 she got a new job with the motor company Ford. She was the spokesmodel of their brand Mercury and that made her face more recognizable to the whole world. The same year, she got a role in the American comedy film ‘Junebug’. She was cast alongside some of Hollywood’s biggest names in Amy Adams, Scott Wilson, etc.

You might have also noticed her in the TV series “Blade”. It was on ‘Spike TV’ and her portrayal of Krista Starr was just amazing. Next, she got another role of Larrin in the sci-fi TV series ‘Stargate Atlantis’. She was part of the show for just 4 episodes but was a good performer during that time.

She was already in the entertainment industry for a couple of years, but however, Jill finally got a breakthrough role in the game show series ‘Wipeout‘. The show premiered on ABC network on the 24th of June, 2008. She was the famous co-host for the show and made appearances for 65 episodes. This was able to give Wagner massive fame and popularity. Since then she has moved on and kept getting more amazing roles and we certainly hope to see more from this beautiful actress.

Jill Wagner: Personal Life

Looking at the personal aspects of Jill’s life, she is married to David Lemanowicz. They announced their relationship to the media in 2016 and were engaged in January of 2017. Despite us knowing about their romantic affairs sometime around 2016, Jill and David were together for the last 17 years. They got married on the 8th of April in 2017.

As per reports, things didn’t start very well when Jill first met David who was a college hockey player. She, however, did not take very long to fall for him and was in love. But they had to wait for the stars to line up as David was sent to Afghanistan who by that time was working for US Air Force. Later after meeting David after the completion of his deployment period, they got a chance to make it work again. Now the two have a daughter named Lija and are leading a happy life together.

Jill Wagner: Net Worth and Social Media

Jill has been in the field of entertainment for over a decade now and is a prominent name in the industry. For a girl who had to struggle in her childhood, has had quite a career. As of 2018, she has a net worth of $4 million dollars. She also owns a house in California where she is leading a happy life with her husband and a daughter.

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Jill is also pretty big on social media. She is more active on platforms like Twitter and Instagram. She goes by the handle jillwagner on Instagram where she has 215k followers and @JillWagner on Twitter where she has just over 188k followers.