Rhett and Link Net Worth, Family, Wives, Kids

Profession: Youtubers
Date of birth: Jun 01, 1978
Age: 44
Net worth: 16 Million
Birth Place:
Height (m): 1.7 m
Religion: Christianity
Relationship Status: Married

Rhett and Link sound a bit like a computing term but it is non-other than a famous comedy duo and a pair of YouTubers. They are especially known for their viral videos, morning talk show, comedy songs, and ten episodes series.

The Duo refer themselves as ‘intertainers’, a combination of words ‘internet’ and entertainers’. They released a documentary called ‘Looking For Miss Locklear’ in 2008 where they tried to find the teacher in whose class they met for the first time, isn’t that interesting?

Rhett and Link Bio

Rhett and Link, both are originally from North Carolina. Charles Lincoln ‘Link’ Neal was born on June 1, 1978, while Rhett James McLaughlin was born on October 11, 1977.

They first met September 4, 1984, and started their first grade together at Buies Creek elementary school in North Carolina. Apparently, this meeting was very precious for them as they have made a movie as well as a song about it. Rhett and Link had to stay in during recess because they wrote swear words on their desks. During the periods they colored mythical creatures and it inspired their YouTube Channel name- Good Mythical Morning.

The two have remained close friends ever since. While at the age of 14, they got a head start on their creative careers by writing a screenplay together which was titled ‘Gutless Wonder’. They even began shooting the movie for it. But they only went for a couple of scenes and ‘Gutless Wonder’ remains incomplete to this day. However, fragments of the screenplay have been read a couple times on the show- Good Mythical Morning.

Next, they both attended North Carolina University for their further education.

Rhett and Link Family, Wives, Kids

Link was the first one to get married in 2000 to Christy White. They are now parents of three children- Lilian, Lincoln, and Lando.

While on the other hand, Rhett got married in 2001 to Jessie Lane. They are now parents of two children- Shepherd and Locke.

Rhett and Link are now living in Los Angeles with their family. Both the family seems to be living a healthy and happy life.

Rhett and Link Net Worth

The duo together worth $16 Million, $8 million each. Although, Both of them are pretty old to be YouTubers they have worked hard and consistently to make their mark and their efforts have actually paid off well.

Rhett and Link have received sponsorship for numerous big brands for a lot of their videos. They earn quite a money by making the funny yet viral advertisement for many companies including Ojai Valley Taxidermy and Red House Furniture.