Kate Norley Net Worth, Personal Life, Career, Husband, Biography

Profession: Miscellaneous
Date of birth: May 25, 1978
Age: 43
Net worth: 5 Million
Birth Place: Arlington, Virginia
Height (m): 1.76
Religion: Christianity
Relationship Status: Married

Kate Norley is the wife of the famous English comedian John Oliver. She is also an Army combat medic and a war veteran having served in Iran. Currently, Norley is an advocate for veteran rights, working for ‘Vets for Freedom’. This organization is working towards overcoming terrorism in the world. Kate went to serve for the American military in the wake of terrorist attacks in D.C. and New York in 2011. As a medic, she did the best she could to save people and serve her nation.

Whilst working as an Army, she was able to display courage and bravery beyond and was able to deal with various situations. Later in her life, she found fame again after getting walking down the aisle to the comedian and a TV host John Oliver. The couple met at a Republican Convention and instantly connected. Let us now get to know more about this war veteran.

kate norley

Caption: A portrait of Kate Norley.
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Kate Norley: Early Life and Education

Kate Norley was born on the 25th of May, in 1978. The kid from Arlington, Virginia was born to parents Pam Mannion and Walt Norley. She did not have the greatest start to her life after her parents split up when she was only 4. Later, her mother found love in a new man’s arm who went by the name Dennis Lannion.


Caption: Young medic Kate Norley for the American Army.
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For her education, Norley went to the Episcopal High School in her hometown. When Kate was 16, she went through a pitiful accident whilst on her bicycle. She was hit by a driver who was out-of-control. As a result of this accident, she had a serious injury to her head which impaired her cognitive abilities. Because of the crash, she had to relearn reading and writing. Pam was extremely inspiring during that phase of Kate’s life and encouraged her to keep going.

Kate Norley: Career

Kate joined the American Military after witnessing the acts of terrorism of the 9/11 attacks. Her family did not oppose her decision but were uncertain. Norley is a woman of strong determination with a desire to serve her country. She then completed her basic training in Ft. Jackson in South Carolina and then enrolled for medical training. After the completion of her training, she was able to join the 1st Cavalry Division of Fort Hood in Texas.

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Caption: Norley serving for the American military and helping children in Iran.
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In 2003 Norley had to go to Iraq for 16 months and began serving as a combat medic as a part of her deployment. She was stationed in Fallujah and Ramadi where she served as a combat medic and a mental health specialist. Norley was the only female combat stress specialist in the troops. For her service and the valor, she was given the Combat Medic Badge.

After serving her time in Iraq, she got the chance to address the students of the University of Baghdad. She was then assigned to Walter Reed Army Medical Facility in D.C. Kate still had that desire to help and she went on to get a medical degree for herself at the George Washington University.

She later began working for the organization ‘Vets for Freedom’. The organization aims to combat terrorism all over the world. In 2006, she also voiced her opinions about gender equality at the Cross-Cultural Global Summit. Norley also hopes to open her own non-profit organization that functions without political or religious attachments. She from the organization wants to educate American women by sending them to Third World countries to help them understand the realities of current politics.

Kate Norley: Personal Life

Kate mat John while working for Vets for Freedom at a Republican Convention in 2008. John was there with his crew covering the event for the Daily Show. Oliver was taken out by the security personnel at the convention. However, Norley was able to help hide him and his crew and so it began.

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The two got married in October of 2011 and almost 4 years later gave birth to their first child, Huson Oliver. The British comedian believes Kate has been able to change his perception of the US. By the look of things, these two are leading a wonderful life with their child and we wish them all the best.

Kate Norley: Net Worth and Social Media

When you look at it Norley has had a pretty successful career. She was able to serve in the US Army and has now been working for different organizations with big roles. Not to forget, she also has a medical degree and might be practicing it in some form. According to the reports, her net worth in 2018 is somewhere around $5 million. John too has a net worth of $5 million and the two are living a well-off life. Her main priority, however, does not revolve around making money. She wants to start her own non-profit organization to help young women understand the system and the world better.

john and kate at white house correspondents dinner

Caption: John and Kate at white house correspondents dinner.
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Norley sadly is not available on social media platforms. Her husband, John, however, is one of the biggest names. Oliver goes by the handle @iamjohnoliver on Twitter and has over 5 million followers.