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Kauai vet is a veterinary clinic that was founded in October 1978 by Dr. Michael Woltmon and Dr. Joanne Woltmon. Initially, it began as a small clinic to provide the best facilities and medicine to their patients. However, the clinic drastically changes over the last thirty-eight years into a 2400 square foot hospital. Further, they offer emergency and preventative care for their clients with boarding facilities and a full surgical suite.

Moreover, Kauai Veterinary Clinic is also the only AAHA certified practice to date on the islands. It’s mission always has been to provide the highest possible quality service and care to its patients and related owners. Let us discover to now more about their founder, staff, and services.

Kauai Vet: Incharge & locations

As stated earlier, the vet located in Hawaii was co-founded by Dr. Michael Woltmon and his wife, Dr. Joanne l. Dr. Michael Woltmon known as Dr. Mike as well started working for the animals from the age of fourteen. He founded the vet after graduating in 1978 from Washington State University. Currently, he has built interested in Stem Cell and regenerative medicines and Orthopedics. But before that, she has gained a wide experience in Animal caring and medicines.

Today, the clinic had three other veterinarians, they are:

Dr. Susana Pulwa: Graduate of The Ohio State University for Veterinary medicine, since 1994, she has been practicing at Kauai Veterinary. She is married to Tom having two kids, Ka’iwa and  Alaka’i. She also owns a farm where she petted a Great Dane, “Tinselle”, two cats, “Jane” and “Poi-dee-cat”, a turkey named “Treena” as well as two mynah birds, goats, and a sheep.

Dr. Bethany Bushe: Hawaii born veterinarian completed her Animal science at UH Hilo. Later she joined Utah State University from where she jointly received Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine as well as from Washington State University. She owns the dog ‘LINQ’ and two cats ‘Java’ and ‘GUI’.

Dr. Diana Rivera Gallardo: She had completed her Biology major from the University of Interamericana of Puerto Rico where she grew up. After that, she received her doctorate degree in Veterinary Medicine from Ross University in St. Kitts. Then she did her clinical year at Oregon State University. She owns 2 dogs: a mini Australian Shepherd named “Chachi” and a Dalmation named “Napali”.

Kauai Vet: Mission, Services, Help

Kauai Veterinary Clinic focuses on giving the best facilities to its patients and owners with the highest possible quality. Their clients will get all the facilities from pertinent information to assist with the best decisions regarding the maintenance of their health. Additionally, they will also look after their particular health conditions to groom and therapy, etc.

Furthermore, the vet also provides health products to their patients free from flea/tick prevention and  Heartworm as well. Vet’s goal has always been to improve the health of their clients with positive progression and see their owners happy when they go out of the gate.

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